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March 16, 2018

PROMPT: Walking

    She was known for her clumsy walking. Rocking from left to right, seeming like she would fall down any moment, too-skinny legs trying to balance too plump a body -- no one believed such a clumsy one could do anything properly, so that no one ever turned to her for help babysitting their children. They rolled their eyes when she announced she was going to have children, wondering how in the world she was going lead her children. 
    Until one fine day, when the sun had just come out, they saw her emerge proudly from a little cave with six ducklings behind her.

    She was a different one. Though she still rocked from left to right, though her legs were still equally skinny, and though her body still equally plump, she walked purposefully, navigating through the pebbles and grass with confidence and ease. She never stumbled, never seemed unsure.

    Such was the walking of a mother in charge of her children.


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  • Bellbell0307

    Who's your bias in BTS? This writing piece is amazing!!!

    almost 3 years ago