Rae Lynn

United States

I'm a 18-year-old girl that's in college and uses writing as a way to express myself without having the confrontation.

Message to Readers

I'm not used to publishing my work, but I need feedback (Obviously) so give me your thoughts so I can become a better author.

The Monster Only Comes When I'm Alone

March 4, 2018

    The monster is a big hole or so it seems to all who look at it. The monster looks like a black hole and sucks in each memory that makes you happy so you are left with nothing, but pure despair. His dark black eyes stare into yours and make you feel ashamed when you have done nothing wrong. His harsh words remind you of every cruel thing that has ever been said to you when all you did was try to be nice to others. He only comes when no one is around and when he does come he won't leave until you feed him. He feeds off your tears and the blood running down your wrist. He comes around when you are happy and are starting to love life again. The monster is like a familiar friend that makes you miserable. Everyone doesn't believe he exists, but each night when you turn off the lights and lay in bed he comes and doesn't leave until you cry yourself to sleep. This monster of dark despair has a name and he is as real you or I so why don't you meet my friend, named Depression? Don't be afraid though I will take him with me, but maybe next time you can save me from my monster.


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