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November 17, 2015

My hand hovered over the light switch. I traced the edge of it and weighed my options. The wooden steps, only about a dozen or so, seemed to stretch forever. They were shadowed in darkness, interrupted only on the last few steps by the ceiling light in the dining room.

I glanced back at my room. The light from the bottom of the stairs bounced back up and dimly lit the bookcase covering most of the far wall. It was too dark to see, but everything in this room was all I had: my precious books, the rocking chair where I read, my desk crammed into the little nook next to the window. Everything.

But fear was a great motivator.

Bile rose in my throat as I took the first step down. What was I doing? This was crazy! What if he woke up and saw me, bag at the ready, to leave? What if the stairs creaked and he knew something was up? But I was silent in my descent, knowing the weak parts of the wood by heart.

I set my owl-patterned bag down, glancing around the left corner. He sat there, eyes shut, his thick lips parted in quiet sighs of sleep.

I was about to pull away until I heard his heavy sigh and a word slip off his tongue, swollen with alcohol: "Kriss..."

I froze. Guilt was weighing hard in the soles of my shoes, but a spike of adrenaline made me finally move away.

I pulled back and stepped over the gate at the base of the stairway, one to keep the dogs from going up in our room.

My room, I corrected. Only I go up there.

Well, not anymore.

Walking into the kitchen, I glanced up at the light and pulled the chain, shutting in off. Hopefully he wouldn't notice it different, wouldn't know I had run.

Leaning back into the stairway, I snatched my bag up and pulled it over my shoulder. It was light, filled with a few clothes for tomorrow and to sleep in.

I debated glancing back at Dad again, but decided against it. It was time; I had to go.

I stepped back through the kitchen, going through the laundry room to the back door. My hand grazed the knob, and I hesitated again. What if the door creaked and the dogs barked? What if he woke up?

Calm down. This needs to happen.

It's time.

The knob twisted like it always has, no creaking at all when I pulled the door open slowly. It was as though it was just another door in a world of doors, and not my only way out.

I stepped outside. There was a small breeze, but it wasn't a bother. A low ceiling of clouds blocked the stars and moon from view, as though to help keep me in the shadows.

The door clicked shut behind me and I made my way around the house. Down the driveway, passing the trailers and trucks. My own vehicle sat silent.

I teetered on the edge of the gravel. The area was quiet. Under different circumstances, it would be unnerving, but it actually felt calming. I took a deep breath. I can do this.

The first step was shaky. The second left me wondering how Gracie felt when she ran away. I was so angry then, that she would dare endanger all that we had worked for. But that was then, and this was now. And now, I was repeating history.

I made my way over to the other side of the street. A tree stood lonely among the line of white posts guarding the park. The shadow cloaked me and I glanced around to double check no one was watching. There'd be hell to pay if anyone caught me.

Pass the tennis court, under the pavilion. A few drops of rain followed me under, but nothing too bad to worry about. I waited in the dark.

Cars passed by Main Street, but none pulled into the road leading to the park. Of course, it was going to take awhile for Blair to make it from Monroe City to here. I wondered if she was just going to come alone or bring Ronnie, too? What if she brought Gracie? What was Gracie's thoughts on all this?

I shifted on my feet, turning my head to survey the grounds again. It was dark, the area lit only by the few street lights lining it. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out.

At the 4way.

A vehicle drove down the road. All logic pointed to the obvious and as it turned left in my direction, I started toward the edge of the park.


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