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I want to know if I have enough on characters and setting.

Inside Me

November 16, 2015

Level One

I had just woken up to a voice in my head. It's not like I had a voice. Before it, that is.
Don't listen to me.
That was the first thing It ever said.
I said, don't listen to me!
Okay, I say.
Okay. Ready... go.
I'm in an average house. I'm in an average room in an average bed with a not-so-average voice in my head. 
Boy, that sounds like a blues song.
Mom opens the door. "Time to get up."
I get out of bed.
Incorrect. Go back to bed.
What the heck does that mean?
Wait, is she even my mom?
It then occurred to me that I didn't know who my mom was.
No time for amnesia. Back in bed, Day.
Day. That's my name. Yes. 
The Lady Previously Known As Mom knocked on the door. "Hey, honey, get up."
Wait, I'm not supposed to listen to this voice, right?
"Okay. I'm getting up." I look in the mirror. Somehow I don't even remember what I look like. I survey myself. I'm male. I have black hair. I have blue eyes.
There is absolutely nothing strange about my appearance. I don't look anything like I have a voice in my head.
Whatever you do, don't go out the window.
I look around. There are two windows.
Which one am I supposed to go out of?
Don't go out of either, bucko! Why aren't you listening?
If I weren't going out a window, which one would I not go out of?
...The left one.
I open the left window. It's a sunny day. The sky looks like it's made of a huge shard of the blue, blue sea. I hoist myself out of the window. I climb down a foot and let go. The ground is soft and cushions my fall.
Congratulations. Level one cleared.
Everything went black.

"Don't take him!"
"Ellia, it's the law."
"We can hide him."
"I'm not ready to let go."
"I'm sorry, Ellia."

Level Two

When I wake up, everything is a lush green. The trees, with there arching branches and cascading leaves. The green, softly billowing grasses. The sky is a crystal blue. And I still have a voice in my head.
I'm being honest now. It's a new level.
What's a level?
It's a test.
What happens if I fail one?
We. If we fail one.
If we fail one.
We die.
That puts things in perspective. I look around. I'm in a forest with tall, green trees. I hear a rustling in the leaves behind me. I turn around.
Nothing's there.
What was that?
I don't know!
Could be a drakon.
A dragon?
No, a drakon. A carnivorous bird.
Suddenly, I hear a swish cutting through the air, and a sharp pain in my back. An oversized bluejay with huge, sharp teeth comes nose to nose with me. I turn to run.
Don't run! Fight it!
Um...punch it!
I whirl around and land a punch before it can respond. I've never tested my strength—I'm stronger than I thought. It bites my finger, which drips with blood.
Not there! Punch its eyes!
I do. It shrieks in pain and falls to the ground.
Is that the whole level?
Turn around!
I do. And ten drakons come flying at me!
I do. I'm a fast runner, and I go all the way to the edge of the woods, when I see...
A cliff.
Then all the drakons come flying at me. I duck, and they sail straight into the air, not stopping to turn around.
Level two complete.
Blackness swarms around me, and I am engulfed in darkness.

Ellia sat in the rain. Alone. Without her child.
That demon! How could he have taken him—her only child—away?

Level Three

When I wake up, I'm in a bed. A curtain hides the rest of the room. I open it to see through. The room—my room—is huge. The walls are made of a gray, hard surface—rock—and carpets with dizzying curls of red and gold decorate the floor. The nearest door is made of pounded wood and iron bars. It has a nervously shining doorknob.
Try the door.
I do. It's locked.
Wait until it unlocks..
What do I do until then?
Look for clues.
First I check the bed. Nothing. Then I ruffle my hands through the dresser. Nothing. I sit down and flop back on my bed.
Suddenly the lock clicks open. A girl in leather armor looks up at me. "We have to get out of here, Day! Viruses!"
Hurry, they're coming! This voice is disembodied, like the one inside me. But it has a higher, female voice.
What's going on?
"No time to explain! Let's go! MOVE IT!" Her red hair chases her.
Should I trust her?
Them? Sure. Fine. I don't think we should come anywhere close to these Viruses.
I run with her. We take twists and turns and rights and lefts…
We reach two wooden doors. I slam my fist against it. It opens.
The castle is on a huge, open meadow, with nothing but grass and flowers as far as my eyes can go.
Through the doors comes a horrific sight. A huge—thing—made of slime and teeth and arms and legs—human arms and legs.
The girl curses under her breath. She grabs a hidden knife from her leather armor and flings it at the Virus.
Fight it.
Right. We need to fight it, says the girl’s voice-in-her-and-somehow-my-head.
The girl produces a sword—no, a katana—out of nothingness and slices at the Virus in its eyes. It howls in pain, a high, screeching, scream. Virus blood—a gooey, slimy substance—gushes from the wound. Then there is no screaming.
“Done. Now, we get out of here.”
On it.
What just happened?
The girl smiles. “That comes later. I’m Maya. My Inside is Levy. You’re Day. Who’s your Inside?”
A pause.
My name is Quinn.


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