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My name is McKenzie, I am a lover of nature and find comfort in writing and other forms of art. I think of life as a blank book and it's the choices you make, that make you, and your book.

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Stop and Think

November 5, 2015

    You're walking outside and a gush of wind hits your face, and with that feeling came a scent. A faint sence of familiarity, a feeling in your gut and heart that you can't quite understand. The feeling of uncertianity surrounds your body. It's like a flashback, a place or a feeling, a memory once forgotten, now returned. You can't quite put your finger on it, but in the back of your unsettled mind, you do. You remember the exact place and moment it happened, how you felt is the way you feel in that moment. It's almost a feeling of being paralyzed and trapt in your own head in that moment. Pondering, uncouinsiously searching ,chasing for that moment in time.




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