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Death Gulch: Chapter One

March 3, 2018


Paul fell off his horse. It was a bit embarrassing, since he did in front of a lady, but he recovered. 

“Hey, stranger!” An old man said,”You realize where you are?”

”Oklahoma, sir?” Paul said.

”Yes,” The old man nodded,”But more specifically, Death Gulch, Oklahoma.”

“Charming name,” 

“Yeah, everyone here dies a pretty brutal death at one point in their lives here,” 


”Yep, just last week, a feller got killed when a stagecoach ran over him,”

”Well, I ain’t leaving, I got business here,” He then rosemhis are for a handshake,” Paul Vernon.”

They shook hands ”Thomas Matthews.” Thomas said.

And with that, an unseen force chose it’s next victim.


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