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Fading Tree

November 5, 2015


    The young male woke up with a jolt. His head ached as he slowly stood, checking his surroundings. It was an apartment, plain in style, yet warm and welcoming to him.
        “Oh, you finally woke up!” Another slightly younger male said, he had black silky hair that was slightly in his face and emerald green eyes. The male jumped in surprise at hearing the ravenette’s voice. The boy laughed at him, “Your face! You should’ve seen it!” He said between laughs, holding his stomach. After he finally finished his laughing spree, he took a breath and smiled at brightly at the other male, holding a hand out to him. “Name’s Mai! From now on we’re friends! What’s your name?” He asked. The other male scratched his red locks, as he tried to think of his name. He shrugged and held a puzzled look on his face. What was his name?
      Mai noticed his confusion and sighed, ruffled the red-head’s hair, “Guess I’ll give you a name. Hmm, I’ll call you Biron, or Binny for short.” Biron nodded at the name given to him. During the few days of living with each other, Biron learned more about Mai, how the ravenette was super energetic and always happy-go-lucky. But, when was ever asked questions about himself or his past, he didn’t remember anything other than fuzzy images. Other than that, Biron noticed the world around him, it was always the same dull gray, and surprising always night. To be more exact, it was like he and Mai were the only people there.  
     One evening, Mai was a bit less cheerful than usual, okay, by a little it was a lot. Mai asked if he and Biron could go on a walk. Biron never spoke much so he just nodded in agreement. The two of them walked for awhile, not really paying attention to where they were going. They stopped in front of a tree that had rotted over a mark that was made there.
        Mai held Biron’s hand, “Binny, it’s time for you to go without me.” Mai spoke, his voice cracking as he gestured to the tree. “ You...died.. and I did too. We died together… but I had to wanted to keep you from remembering. But you were always so perceptive, yet I still tried to hide you here with me.” His voice broke into small sobs. “If you touch this tree, you can move on…” He spoke as Biron hugged him. Biron didn’t want to leave Mai, no he couldn’t leave Mai. The ravenette shook his head and pushed him away, just enough so the redhead was sent towards the tree. “Sayonara…” Mai whispered as Biron’s spirit shattered in front of him. Mai fell to his knees and wept, his heart torn in two.
  “Binny!” A small child’s voice yelled. A little boy about seven or eight years old looked up from the sandcastle he was making. “Binny, come here!” The voice from before now impatient. The boy stood and went over to a younger boy that was six to seven years old, standing beside him. They looked up at the elder oak in front of them, they had engraved a heart with ‘M + B’ in the middle. They held hands small smiles on their faces, the redhead looked at the ravenette.
“Mai, let’s go home…... together.” He spoke softly


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