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Freshman at Harrison School for the Arts. Writing and theatre are my two biggest loves, and I try to combine them as much as I can. I mostly love writing narratives, fictional or about my real life.

Message to Readers

*Please tell me if I'm being cliche, or if there are any cliches I can avoid
*I don't think what I have for Cyrus' reason for being in the stocks is good. PLEASE tell me something better

Dying Hope

November 5, 2015


The young woman returned the gaze of her dear friend, Theodosia. “What’s wrong, dear? You’ve been staring off for a solid five minutes.” Hope simply shrugged it off. “I’m fine, Theodosia. Fine.”  She returned her gaze to the Yankee Peddler cart. But her ear was distracted by the sound of heckling coming from the center of town once again. Without another word, she put down the pin she had been admiring, with simply the small, tingling sound of metal hitting wood. Theodosia barely noticed, too busy looking over a small jar of assorted buttons. “Oh, these are lovely, don’t you think so, Hope?” she glanced over her shoulder, looking for an opinion. “Hope?” she repeated, but no reply. She noticed the pin laying back on the wagon. Exasperated, she placed the jar down and ran in an attempt to find the girl.
In the center of the small marketplace, a figure hung his head low in the stocks. Hope was crouched down beside him, ignoring the shouts of onlookers. Theodosia let out an exasperated groan. As much as she loved Hope, she was far too sympathetic. But she herself was afraid to get in the middle and anger the crowd farther. She winced as a piece of rotting fruit made contact with her friend’s back, who somehow didn’t flinch.
“Are you alright?” She swept his inky black hair out of his eyes, meeting her concerned ones. He grinned at this, relieved and amused to have someone not jeering him. “I’m fine, Miss. But soon, you won’t be.” She shrugged simply, stating, “I’m not the one in chains at the moment.” He chuckled at this.
“You’ve got me there. I’d shake your hand, but I’m a bit…tied up at the moment.” She giggled and curtseyed. “Hope Brown.”
“Cyrus Mallory. A pleasure to meet you.” He thought a minute and began to laugh. “What, what is it?”
“Nothing, it’s just nice to have a little Hope in my predicament.” Hope laughed at this, and even Theodosia, still watching from a safe distance, chuckled herself despite her better judgment.
“What did you do, anyway?” Cyrus gave a small “tch” in disdain. “I was  meerly speaking out about our imminent revolution. They called it 'innapropraite conduct.'"
“That’s horrible!” she responded. Cyrus winced, he knew it was too good to be true, someone being on his side. So much for that “Hope” he was feeling.
“That’s no reason to do this!” Hope made a sweeping motion to the stocks. “You’re a human, after all, like me, or like…like Theodosia!” She motioned to her friend to join her, but Theodosia backed away slightly, motioning at Hope as if to say “don’t involve me in this.”
“Well, she supports you too, I’m sure.” Theodosia, peeking from behind a statue, resisted the urge to shout that no, she didn’t support anyone, Cyrus or otherwise. She just wanted one day with Hope without her doing this. Cyrus, however, had returned the twinkle to his eyes. It was clear to her that Hope wasn’t going anywhere. Accepting this, Theodosia returned to the cart to buy the buttons she had been looking at. Looking over at the pin Hope had put down, she sighed and paid for it as well for the girl who would dare sympathize with someone in the stocks.

“Hope Cornelia Brown, you daft, simple-minded…”
“Theodosia, it wasn’t FAIR-“
“He was in stocks, for Christ’s sake! Do you want to associate yourself with that?”
Hope rolled her eyes and began to pick at her food. “But he wasn’t like that, Theo. He was actually interested in conversation, in me…” Theodosia laughed, coughing slightly on her drink. “Oh, please.”
With a sigh, she wistfully looked off, remembering what happened earlier. Seeing this, Theodosia started to simper. “You just think he’s attractive is all.” Hope choked on her meal. “N-no, I don’t. That’s not it at all.” Thinking about what she said, she began to backtrack. “Well, he is, but that isn’t…may I start over?”
Theodosia smirked. “No need, I know exactly what you mean.”

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