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War In Progress: Chapter One

March 2, 2018


“This deal is the best deal for your...city-state,” Jean Claude, a diplomat from Frankland said.

The man he was talking to, Commander Fuchsia, Lord of Lorraine, and Supreme Commander of the Lorrainian Military, thought about this, and simply said,”No.”

Jean Claude scoffed. “This is why you’re all fools!” He rose up,”Can’t you see a good deal when you see one?”

”We want to keep our independence,” Fushsia said.

”Then we fight for it now!” Jean Claude snapped his fingers, and his men drew their swords.

”See our prowess?” He said.

Fushia laughed. “You do this in my city?” He yelled something in his language, and the sound of footsteps all around them. Seconds later, armored men with pikes came into the room.

”Commander Fushia!” The head guard, identified by his red armband, said,”Your orders?”

”Dispel of these men at once,” Fushia said. He then dodged Jean Claude's sword, which hit the wall.

”You want to try something?” Fushia said. Jean Claude then fell over from being stabbed.



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