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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 13!!! Stuff is happening!!!

Chaos Pacificae (13)

March 3, 2018


[WARNING!!!: This is the thirteenth installment of this story, as the big "13" next to the title suggests. If you have been reading these in order, you'll know what I'm about to say. If not, you shouldn't be here to read it, so I'll say it anyway. If you haven't read the previous twelve installments, I INSIST that you stop reading this sentence and go read those twelve installments IN ORDER. Don't spoil the story for yourself!] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Same as last time.} 
[OTHER WARNING!!!: The following installment contains drums. I know that the last one said there would be drums, but didn't have drums. This one actually DOES have drums. If drums offend you (for some reason), stop reading this right now. THERE WILL BE DRUMS.] 
[OTHER OTHER WARNING!!!: This installment contains punches. If punches offend you, do not read this installment. You will be setting yourself up to be offended by punches. THERE WILL BE PUNCHES.] 

    On Forte Minor...

    Pax and Keira were walking towards the palace, listening to the music that surrounded them. There really was music of all kinds on Forte Minor! There were people playing music, people dancing to the music, and people composing music! 
    "Excuse me?" said a composer as Pax and Keira started to pass. 
    Pax and Keira looked back. 
    "...Us?" Pax asked. 
    "Yes, you two," said the composer, who had a strange voice. "Could you spare some time to help me with something?" 
    "Sure!" said Pax, walking back towards the composer. 
    "Fine, I guess we have some time," said Keira, walking with him. 
    "What's your name?" Pax asked. 
    "Elton. Now, I will not ask your names, for I want us to remain semi-strangers before you aid me. That way, you shall not be tempted to spare my feelings due to the complicated companionship that is being friends. Please, take a look at this." 
    Elton showed them a piece of music that he was working on. 
    "I am attempting to compose a joyful ballad to commemorate the historic meteor showers, but... Just listen to what I've written." 
    They listened. It was in a minor key, slow, and kind of dark and dreary. 
    "Rather dreary, is it not?" said Elton. "I was hoping you two could help me make it more upbeat and festive!" 
    "Hmm..." said Pax. "Well, for starters, put it in a major key. Everyone knows minor key tends to have negative undertones. Also, what's the speed right now? 90 bpm?" 
    "80, actually." 
    "I'd suggest speeding it up to about 110. Also, add a nice drum beat." 
    "Wow," said Elton, "these are all excellent suggestions! I intend to employ all of them! Thank you!" 
    "You're welcome," said Pax with a smile. 
    With that, Elton went back to composing, and Pax and Keira kept walking. 

    Eventually, they reached the outer gate of the palace. Em wasn't kidding. There were a LOT of guards patrolling the gate. 
    Curious about what would happen, Pax and Keira tried to just casually walk through the gate. They were about two feet away when, suddenly, they were blocked by two guards holding bass bows! (Musical Monarchy, remember?) 
    "Uh, hi?" said Pax. "Any chance we could get in there?" 
    "Sorry," said one of the guards, "but King Sing is not accepting visitors at the moment. He requests that all visitors, whether Fortissian or not, be turned away from the palace. We hope you understand." 
    "Yeah," said Keira, getting angry, "that's not gonna w-" 
    "Keira! Heh heh," said Pax sheepishly, grabbing her by the shoulders before she lunged at the guards. "Why don't we just start walking in the other direction?" 
    "That would be wise," said the other guard. 
    So, Pax led a fuming Keira away from the palace. 

    Once they were a good distance away, Keira shook Pax's hands off of her shoulders. 
    "Why did you stop me?" said Keira, still ticked off. 
    "Well, I wasn't gonna let you go off on them!" Pax said in amused exasperation. "You were practically about to tackle them, and they were twice our size!" 
    "Well, what did you expect me to do? 'Keep my cool'? I think it's very obvious that wasn't gonna happen." 
    Pax looked back towards the palace and sighed. 
    "There's no way we're getting in there with the direct approach," Pax continued. "We'll have to find another way to get in." 
    "Maybe we could try to sneak in around the back?" Keira suggested. 
    "...Eh, I don't think that'll work. Any other ideas?" 
    "I can't believe I'm saying this," said Keira, "but maybe we should ask Linden?" 
    ...For once, Linden didn't show up. Instead, a piece of paper appeared and fluttered into Keira's hands. She read it, then, a look of bored annoyance on her face, handed it to Pax. Pax read it aloud, using a fake British accent to mimic Linden's voice. 
    If you're reading this, then I am not available at the moment, for one of the following three reasons: 
    1.) I'm looking for my family, 
    2.) Interdimensional interference, 
    3.) The Cryptic Code. 
    Whatever your problem is, you'll have to figure it out on your own, sorry. Well, cheerio! 
    ~Azor Linden

    Pax looked at Keira, matching her look of bored annoyance. 
    "So, he can't show up himself," said Keira, "but he can send a ghost letter? Yeah, THAT makes sense!" 
    Pax turned the letter over, then read what was on the back. 
    "P.S.: Pretty good accent, Pax, but I don't sound like that. Keep working on it!
    Pax was a bit surprised. 
    "...How did he know I would be the one to read it? And that I would try to copy his voice?" 
    Then, Pax noticed something written in tiny letters in the corner. He squinted to read it. 
    "P.P.S.: I just know, okay? Don't question it!
    Then, to their surprise, the letter disappeared before their eyes! (Okay, I did NOT mean for that to rhyme. Kinda fitting, though.) 
    "...Of course it would disappear after we finished reading it," said Keira in exasperation. "With the day we're having? WHY NOT?" 
    "So, Linden can't help us," said Pax. "What now? We still need to get in there." 
    "What we need is a distraction of some kind." 
    "So, like, a million fireworks?" 
    "Do you have a million fireworks?" 
    Pax was silent. 
    "...Guess not," Keira said. "What if we just start shouting? Maybe they'll bring us in?" 
    "Oh, please. They'll never bring someone in just because they started SHOUTING. That's ridiculous! Got anything else?" 
    Keira was silent for a moment. Pax kept looking at the palace. 
    "...I have... One more idea," said Keira, "but you're probably not gonna like it." 
    "What is it?" 
    "...We could start a brawl..." 
    Pax looked at Keira. 
    "A... Brawl?" said Pax. 
    "Yeah, you know. A public fight that's usually really loud and-" 
    "I know what a brawl is," said Pax. 
    "Just sayin', brawls attract a LOT of attention." 
    "Hmm... Let me think for a second," said Pax, seriously thinking about this. "...I'm a bit torn. On one hand, we need to have a distraction to get King Sing's attention. On the OTHER hand... Violence is bad." 
    "Well, we don't have to brawl for REAL," said Keira. "What if we fake it?" 
    "...Fake it?" 
    "Yeah, like, we don't actually fight each other. We just, ACT like we're brawling. You and I know it's fake, but they don't." 
    "...So, in other words, we... PRETEND to fight?" 
    "...Okay, I'm in! So, how do we do this? Do we, like, have to insult each other first? Or do we just start it spontaneously?" 
    "Are you even CAPABLE of insulting someone on purpose?" 
    Pax opened his mouth to respond, but stopped, thinking about his response. 
    "...I'll take that as a no," said Keira. "Guess we'll be doing the second one, the spontaneous thing." 
    "Okay, but how do we start it? I've never been in a fake brawl before." 
    "Okay, you throw the first punch and miss. Try to make it look like you actually wanted to hit me." 
    "How do I do that?" 
    "Uuuuh, pretend you're chastising me for swearing." 
    "Okay, got it! Then what?" 
    "Then, I throw a punch, and you dodge it. After that, we just see where the fists take us." 
    "So, kinda like improv?" 
    "Yeah, kinda!" 
    "Okay!" said Pax with a smile. "Let's do this!" 

    So, they began their fake brawl. As expected, lots of people started watching. After all, with two teenagers fighting on the musical streets? How could they NOT watch? 
    There were a lot of moments when Pax and Keira almost actually hit each other. Fortunately, they're both pretty good at dodging each other's punches. 
    ...Unfortunately, Keira wasn't that good at controlling hers. After a while, Keira threw a particularly hard punch, and she accidentally hit Pax! Right in the left eye! Pax staggered back, his hand instinctively going to his eye. Then, he slipped on a conveniently-placed flute, and he crashed into a drum set, smashing downwards in a cacophony of crashing! 
    Keira, after getting over how nuts that was, rushed to help Pax, who was lying in the heap of mangled drums. He also had a drum on his head. (Because why not?) 
    "Oh my gosh!" Keira exclaimed, worried. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" 
    Pax was silent. 
    "...Please say something?" Keira said nervously. 
    "...Solid jab," Pax said finally. "You punch really hard." 
    Keira couldn't help but smile a little bit. 
    "Even when you're accidentally punched into a drum kit," said Keira, "you still can't say anything mean. Here, let me help you up." 
    Keira was about to help Pax up, when Pax took the drum off of his head. Keira gasped! Pax had a black eye! 
    ...What's so shocking about that? Well, his iris changed color, too. His normally multicolored eye had turned multiple shades of purple! Multiviolet, if you will! 
    "Oh... My... God..." Keira said in shock. 
    "What? What's wrong?" Pax asked, confused (and worried by Keira's reaction). 
    "...Y-your eye... It's purple..." 
    "Yeah, I think that's called a black eye." 
    "No, your actual eye! Your iris. It turned purple!" 
    "Wait, what?" 
    Pax scrambled to get up, but his hands and feet just kept slipping on a bunch of broken drum parts. 
    "...I, uh, can't get up," said Pax. "Little help?" 
    Keira helped Pax up. 
    "Does it look bad?" Pax asked. 
    Keira wasn't sure how to respond. 
    Should I tell him the truth? Keira thought to herself. Should I tell him that it sticks out like a sore thumb? Or should I tell him it looks fine? 
    Keira didn't have time to decide, because right then, some palace guards showed up! They did not look happy. 
    "Hands where we can see 'em," said one of the guards. 
    Keira held up her hands, and Pax followed suit. 
    "Did we do it right?" Pax whispered. 
    "I think we're about to find out," Keira whispered back. 
    Two guards went behind Pax and Keira and grabbed them by their wrists, holding their hands behind their backs. 
    "Alright, let's go, you troublemakers," said one of the other guards. 
    With that, the guards started bringing Pax and Keira towards the palace. Pax mouthed "it worked" to Keira. 

To be continued... 
Part 13!!! KAPOW!!! 

So, I know there aren't a lot of cameos in this one, but practically nobody wanted to be on Forte Minor. (Well, except for... That friend who still hasn't made a real appearance on this site. Hint, hint.) 

...Fudge, I'm still gonna need that Helvetica crash course... And soon... 

You know what, I was gonna do a scroll troll, but I'm just not feelin' it right now. Sorry! 


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