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Hi! I love writing about animals, fantasy and just expressing myself through words. 'A painting paints a thousand words' so why not a thousand words form a painting?

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Hi! I write for hobby and for escaping troubles. I love to write as I get to 'live through' the stories I improvise on the spot. It makes me able to feel and be someone else in a world where I can change anything.I hope my words can make a difference


December 30, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The boy stood there, the blood pounding in his ears as he looked up at the large formation before him. All he had done… came to this.

The being watched from the other side, pale eyes staring into his soul. “Enter, child.” It rumbled. “Enter the Gate Of Iudicio, once you have passed the gate, you can never turn back, until the battle is over. Only one victor can remain. Once started, the battle must be finished.” Then with a pause, the creature circled on its side of the gate and stood facing the boy. “Enter the gate.”

The boy looked at the formation signifying the Gate Of Iudicio. It was two pillars of crystals of pure ice, spiralling upwards and crossing at the top.  He looked back to the being on the other end, the being that had tormented his world for a millenium. The being who could soon be his killer.

Taking a breath, the boy slowly walked towards the creature, towards the gate.

It all adds up to now, The boy thought.  All the troubles I’ve been through too get here.. the friends I have lost… the lessons I have learnt… it all adds up to this. Slaying the brutal beast, Duratus.

With a final step in the eerie silence, he placed his foot down on the other side, passing the gate. All at once, the crystals in the pillars of the gate shone light blue and white. More of the same pillars formed out of the ground, freezing around Duratus and the boy, making a large circle around them.

The 13-year-old shook slightly as the sudden gust of cold wind met him. The horrid dragon stood in the center, awaiting the boy.  The boy continued to approach, despite the cold radiating off Duratus, his pendant bouncing against his neck with each step he took.

“Duratus!” He cried. “Today I will end your reign of terror! You have tortured us all for a millenium, and that is enough! No longer will you freeze the hearts of those who live in this world.” Duratus looked down at the boy, cold frosty vapor escaping through his nostrils. “We will see child,” it rumbled. “Many others before you had come for the same purpose…” it paused with a evil grin. “But they have all failed.” The boy turned to look at the many young men who had attempted to slay the beast of freeze. All now statues of solid ice, the look of lost hope on their faces.

“Come, child. Let me see what you can do. I know there were suppose to be five of you, but the other four perished along the journey here, did they not?” The boy was silent at its words. It smirked. He remembered his four friends who had come with him, all sharing the same hope of saving their world from this evil. But one by one had been struck down along the path to the Gate Of Iudicio. Now it was none but him left. “Let us begin.” The beast let out a thunderous roar.

He breathed icy fire at the child, who barely dodged the blow. The boy ran around the dragon, unsheathing his sword, he lunged and struck it through its tail. Duratus swung around at the pain of the object stabbed into his tail. With his huge claws raised, he swung downwards, bowling the boy over. Gripping his sword tightly, the boy swung himself back to his feet. Duratus raised his claws for another swipe. The 13-year-old brought up his sword. A clang rang out as the claw and sword collided. Duratus pushed down, his strength slowly overpowering the boy’s resistance. The boy grimaced as the large scaly white claws drew closer as he ran out of strength to resist. Duratus eased his paw off the child and used his other forepaw to swing at him. The boy was flung into the air, the dragon flying up, its tail connecting to his gut. The boy was sent falling down back to the hard icy floor. He wheezed as the wind was knocked out of him, steadily rising back to his feet. The dragon landed infront of him, pale eyes staring down at him, chilling him to the bone.

“Give up child,” It growled. “You cannot win. Stop fighting. It is no use. You will die anyway, so let me end you quicker.”

“NO!” The boy swung his blade at the creature’s face. Duratus jerked his head back in time and with a strong swipe of a paw, caught the boy’s sword in its claws. The boy gasped as the sword shattered upon the blow, its fragments littering onto the ground.

“It is time to end this.” Duratus snarled. Drawing back, the icy blue flames danced in his jaws. HE released it upon the child. The cold flames chilled him, it froze his skin, it gripped his heart, it freezed his soul. Trembling violently, he fell to his knees.

“Give up now, you cannot win,’ the cold hissed at him, its words stabbing him and echoing in his heart. “You could never win. Afterall, you are nothing but a mere child. If grown men fell into the claws of this beast, what chance do you have?”

“Give up. Its all over.”

The boy closed his eyes as the flames chilled his heart with its words. They’re right… what chance do I have? Why do I keep on fighting? I am going to die anyway, no matter how hard I try. Duratus chuckled as he saw his flames do the work, freezing the boy’s heart, soul and mind, removing any trace of hope that was burning within him before. He grinned, satisfacted as the boy was soon wrapped in solid ice.

“Just like the rest, you fall at my claws.” He huffed before turning away, to walk towards his cave. The boy felt himself fading, as the ice started to solidify around him. “Give up.” The icy wind hissed. “Give up.”

What… what am I fighting for? The boy questioned. All is lost. There is no hope that I can win.

Images of his friends flickered through his mind, memories of how they had ventured with him, trying to reach the Gates Of Iudicio, but to no avail.

No. If I give up now… they would have died for nothing! They lost their lives, to see me to the gates. I cannot give up now! The boy felt a warmth in his heart. It stretched over, melting away the unsettling cold of lies that froze it. His black pendant flaring up, gleaming bright red.

I will never give up! MY friends perished seeing me here, I cannot waste their sacrifices! As long as breath is still in my lungs, as long my heart pumps, I will try. I will slay the Beast Of Freeze or perish in attempt!

The ice trapping the boy shattered. Duratus spun around, dumbfounded. “Impossible!” He cried.

The boy stood up, pendent flaming and burning, his eyes now matching it. His body slowly encased in flames, his hands became large flaming wings, his head now a phoenix’s. He took to the sky, now the bird of fire and hope. “Duratus!” he screeched. “I am Phoenix! A child from the village of Ignibus!” The Dragon Of Freeze stared up, gaping.

“I will strike you down today! Or I shall die trying!” The magnificent bird, flames now blazing like a forest fire, dove towards the beast.

You’re freeze shall never stop my blazing passion to end your reign of lost hope! The child cried in his mind as he hurtled himself against his foe. I will never lose hope, I will rise from the ashes in which you have turned me into. I will rise a phoenix, always burning.

A shockwave broke out as both legendary beasts collided.



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