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Jacie XP

United States

Hello pedestrians! Jacie XP here just being awesome like usual!
I'm a teen girl trapped by school (which is bleh).
I'm working on a story called Return, but I'm often distracted by other projects.

Message to Readers

This is the prologue to the new story I'm working on! What do you think?

Borders (Prologue)

November 4, 2015


They sat together in the soft sands of Trinity Beach, watching the sunset. The girl’s long, feathered wings embraced the two of them. Her head was rested on his shoulder. He twirled one of her loose, brown curls around his index finger. She whispered something into his ear and he laughed.
They were happy.
Then a great bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. The boy pulled the girl to her feet. He pulled her along and they ran. Their bare feet slipped in the sand and the girl kept tripping over her skirt. They stopped, both of them panting hard. He ripped her skirt off at the knees and discarded it in the sand. Then they ran again. Lightning continued to flash across the sky, but a storm never came. The boy ran faster, still dragging the girl behind him.
“I..can’,” the girl wheezed. He pulled her off of the beach and into a shady forest. A place filled with shadows. They both collapsed at the base of a large oak to catch their breath. Their fingers were still intertwined. He smiled weakly at her. “Everything with be okay,” he promised, brushing her hair out of her face. She nodded. If he said it, it must be true. 
Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit the ground directly in between them. They were blown apart by the blast. There fingers were no longer touching.
And they would never touch again.


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