March 1, 2018



As he sat in the frost-covered park, all alone on the worn-out bench, with snowflakes glistening from the dark stormy sky, he reflected upon his loss. In spite of everything that had happened in the past few days, the velvet red roses that he held in his aged wrinkled hands, gave him a little hope.
Just a week ago, everything seemed normal. The sky was crystal clear, not a cloud in sight. The sun shining ever so brightly as a gentle breeze filled the air. He always had family to come home to, his beautiful wife, daughter and two grandchildren. He had the life that he had always wanted. One filled with constant happiness and laughter. Until it was all taken away from him.
It all started with a family holiday to Bali. Everyone was excited, especially his grandkids, as this was their first overseas holiday. It was only their first day in Bali and there had already been word of a bombing or terrorist attack. Of course, this put a lot of fear in John’s mind, but he couldn’t tell his grandkids. That night, they awoke to the sound of gun shots and screams. Everyone had been ordered to go to the main hall in the city because that was the safest place to be. After the majority of the gunshots were over they all ran to the main hall, having to leave everything behind. They ran as fast as they could. Even though they were tired, they had to keep on running. John heard his name being yelled and as he turned he saw that his wife had fallen and the others had gone to help her up. BANG! A bomb had dropped and everything was brought up in fire and smoke filled the air. Coughing, John opened his eyes. He immediately stood up as fast as he could to try and find his family, since he had been separated from them.  About 500m away there they were, lying on the ground. He knelt down to feel if there was a pulse, but there was nothing. They were gone.
Silence filled the room as people started to arrive. The room was dead, nobody spoke and no one moved a muscle. After only a couple of minutes, John couldn’t handle it anymore and BANG! The door slammed shut as he stormed out. Overwhelmed by everything that had happened and the thought of his family not being in his life anymore traumatised him. He ran as far as his legs could carry him, wishing that everything would just go back to the way it was. But it didn’t. Soon his legs gave in and he couldn’t run anymore. He tried to keep walking but soon he realised that he didn’t know where he was. The sky had turned to darkness as a full moon lit up the sky. The trees around him caving in as though they were trying to trap him. In the distance he could see a small light, so he kept on walking towards it. As he got closer, it was as though he had stepped into a new world. One with colour, joy and happiness. The trees were green and healthy and flowers of all different colours were scattered everywhere. The colours reminded him of all the special moments he had shared with his family, the good and the bad. To his right sat a bush of beautiful red roses. The scent reminded him of his wife as she always smelt like roses. As a small tear dropped down his cheek, everything turned dark again except for the roses that were near where he was standing. He snapped off a small bunch of roses from the bush and then walked towards the old worn-out bench that sat in the middle of the park. As he sat down the memories of the event flooded back to him. Thinking about what life would have been like now if it wasn’t all taken away from him. He sat alone in the park and reflected. The velvet red roses that he held in his aged wrinkled hands, gave him a little hope.


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