Raven Salvers

United States

I am a full-time high school senior with a love for writing. Fiction and Fantasy are what make me tick, which is why most of my work falls into those catagoires. My hobbies include not writing, and doing homework all weekend.

Message to Readers

Forest logging is wrong and we all know it... So why are we sitting on our lazy butts saying, "Such a shame."
Seriously people, we need to get our act together!

The Trees

November 4, 2015

PROMPT: Ripple Effect

Their silent screams echo as one voice through the earth
The slashing, cutting, ripping of their bodies limb by limb
Smoke and fumes swirling through the air as a single congealed cloud of noxious smells and gasses
Falling, falling, falling to the ground with a crash that shakes the very ground underneath Mother Nature's feet
Forest Logging


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