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Raven Salvers

United States

I was born in the U.S.A and have lived there for my entire life. I have had a love for reading since the age of 7. I enjoy writing as much as I do to read (which is ALOT!!!!!)... I also like to put faces on stuff. :) I also LOVE fantasy... And HP!!!

Message to Readers

This is an excerpt from a book I am working on... I thought that this is one of the funnier parts of the book. Hope you like it!!! :)

Expert from: The People of The Night

November 4, 2015

        The door was unlocked and opened with a creek. The interior of the house was, as everything else, rundown, dirty, and broken. The first room, after walking through the door, bore the marks of once being well kept. It had a dusty staircase with a varnished, carved wood banister and a large landing halfway up the stairs. The walls had a chipped and faded design along with wood paneling. There were large windows that let in the last rays of moonlight, and the floor was made up of long wooden floorboards. There were about five other rooms on the bottom floor, but Keri chose to go and investigate the upper stories. She proceeded with caution over to the stairs, and with a moment’s hesitation, crept up them. At the top of the stairs, there was another hallway. This one was shorter and had two doors on each side and a door at the far end. The area in front of Keri was a room with a set of large double doors. The doors were made of glass and looked out onto a porch, which overlooked the spring. The walls and floors, she noticed, were the same as the ones downstairs. Keri decided to look around. She made her way to one of the two doors on each side of the hallway. Keri tried her luck with the one on the right. It was locked and didn't budge, so she tried the one on her right. This one was not locked and led into a bedroom. In here there was moth eaten carpet along with a large bed. The bed had grey-blue coverings and sat upon a wooden frame. There were two windows on the far side of the room bordered with wood framing. Geez, Somebody must have liked their wood! Keri thought to herself. That or they ran out of stone. After all, the town isn't that small... She then left the bedroom, closed the door behind her, and found herself in the hallway once again.
           Keri would have tried going out onto the porch, but... There was the fact that it may not be very stable causing her to fall through the floor and kill herself. Dying, not on my To Do list anytime soon. She thought. That just left the bottom story and the far door to investigate. Keri walked over to the last door, by this time the sun had come over the horizon and bright morning light was shining through the windows. Again with the sun! Whens the next eclipse! She grasped the handle, and with the hope of finding a room without any windows where she could finally sit down and get some rest, opened the door.
         Apparently fate was just not on her side, when Keri opened the door she saw the outline of someone framed against a bright window. The person shouted in surprise causing Keri to shout in surprise. The person's voice sounded like boys, and Keri instantly thought of Dearg and his friends. Unable to think of anything better to do, Keri took a quick step towards the door and fell backward hitting the floor hard. The person also seemed to have the same idea, except that he tripped over the corner of a fireplace that was against one wall.  Keri leaped to her feet and so did the boy. "How did you get in here," the boy said in alarm. "The door was unlocked," answered Keri who was equally alarmed. The boy then asked, “Is there anyone else here?" "Not that I know of. Unless they are invisible, soundless, and intangible which most people aren't" Keri answered again. The boy laughed and then seemed to calm down. Keri also relaxed a little, but after the night she had been having Keri wasn't quite ready to let her guard down.
               Now that he had stepped out from in front of the window Keri could make out what the boy looked like. He looked about her age and had black hair and blue eyes. He was also tall and skinny. "What's your name, the boy asked?” “ Keri," answered Keri. Then she asked, "What's your name?" "Ryan," he answered. "Why are you all the way out here? Nobody ever comes here," said Ryan. "It's a long story," Keri answered truthfully. "Well seeing as I have nothing better to do, why don't you tell it," Ryan said. "Alright, I'll tell you. But I will warn you that it is not a very pleasant story. Keri answered, and without any further reluctance she told her entire story. Starting when Dearg and Ríoghnach began to date to how she ended up in the creaky old house.
               Once Keri had finished Ryan stayed quiet for a while, and then asked, "Where is Henna again?" Keri shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know. It’s somewhere in some direction. Anyways, why are you all the way out here?" "Sometimes I need a break from the town and the people who I live with," answered Ryan. "Don't you live with your family," Keri asked. "No," He answered. "About thirteen years ago a whole bunch of our best fighters set out on some secret mission to fight an old enemy of ours. None of them ever returned. My parents were a part of that group. I got left behind, though." "That's gotta stink," Keri said. Ryan didn't even look mildly upset. "Not really, I didn't know them. It's hard to miss someone you don't know" "I wish I knew what had happened to my family," Keri said. "I don't know who or what I am. "Well," said Ryan, "That’s the biggest identity crisis I've ever herd of." "Thanks," Keri said sarcastically. It would be neat to be a part of the people who live here." Keri paused for a moment and then asked, "Who or what are you people?" "We're The Doilérie" Said Ryan. "Does that have a meaning," Keri asked. “It means People of The Night,” said Ryan. “Why are you called that,” asked Keri. “Umm…” Ryan said and made a gesture that screamed Look around you! Are you blind?! “Oh… That was a stupid question,” Keri said. Ryan just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I've herd people say more stupid things.”
“Like what?” 
“Like… Can birds fly without wings?” 
Keri thought a moment and said, “Well, I guess that's not too bad if a kid asked that.” “That's the problem,” Ryan said, “It was a thirty-two year old adult. Although in their defense, they aren't the most observant person in the wide world.” “Are all people here like that,” Keri asked. “Nope, just the one guy,” he said. “Still,” Keri said, “it would be neat if I was part of The Doilérie.” Ryan just grinned and said, “Well, who said that you weren't.” Keri raised and eyebrow but Ryan just continued in an exited frenzy. “It's not like you look different from pretty much everybody here, although if you ask me it be nice to see a few brown or green eyed people every now and again. Plus if your story has any merit than it sounds like your parents would have been a part of the group that went out all those years ago. But…” He stopped looking rather put out saying, “we have no way to prove that.” “Do people carry anything around or own anything that could single them out from everyone else.” “Well…” Ryan replied slowly, “ the branch of fighters that I'm thinking that your parents were in usually carried a type of pendent that marked them for what they were, a member of an elite group of fighters who protected their people at all costs. That was the group that my parents were a part of. Sometimes they would pass on their pendants because they wanted to be remembered, if for some reason they died, what they were and why they died. Plus, anyone who was in that group was rather expected.” 
            When Ryan finished the last part he looked the same as he had when he started talking. Keri thought that if he was taking about how his parents died he would look at lest a little more upset. Evidently he didn't care, or if he did, he was a good actor. After a moment Keri said, “What does the pendant look like?” “It's a functioning compass, only it doesn’t point north. It points to the center of, I guess you would call it, kingdom” He said. “This is what it looks like.” Ryan then pulled at a chain around his neck that Keri hadn’t noticed before then. When he pulled it she saw that it was just like he said, a gold compass with a needle that didn’t point north. “Do you have anything like this,” he asked. Keri simply grinned and said, “Just.” 
Chapter 3
“Ha! I knew it!” Ryan shouted. Keri was surprised to see how exited he looked and laughed when he jumped up into the air and shouted at the wall, “I knew it!” “Geez calm down,” Keri said. He sat down again and said, “Well, it's pretty light and I'm tired, so if you’re OK with it, I'm going to hit the sack."  Ryan said. “I’m fine with it,” Keri said. “Although, if you have a home to stay at in the town why don't you go there?” “Because,” he said simply, “it's boring there and nobody ever notices I'm gone. Besides I can talk to you, there is nobody to talk Realta.” “What's Realta and how do you know that nobody notices that you’re gone,” Keri asked. “Realta is this place,” Ryan said moving his hand in a circle. “This entire clearing is Realta, but haven’t had any contact from other people in like, 600 years.” If Keri looked confused, it was nothing compared to the confusion inside her mind. “Ok…” Keri said slowly, but that still doesn’t answer my second question.” “Alright then,” Ryan said looking the slightest bit annoyed that Keri remembered her second question, “the reason people don’t notice that I’m gone is because they're never home. They’re always out with friends going to places where I can’t or won't go.” 
Nobody said anything for a while, partly because they both were tired, and finally the two decided to talk later; only after it was night again. The house was rather drafty, but because of that the warm summer air was able to come into the house making it quite comfortable. The day slipped by without much happening and soon the sun was, in perspective view, about an inch above the horizon. Keri and Ryan had been awake for a few minutes and were just watching the sun dip down out of sight. 
            “You know,” Ryan said after a long time, “this is, in my opinion, a rather strange time of day. The sun is still shining, sort of, but you can sometimes make out some of the first stars in the sky. It’s like someone wanted to see what day and night looked like together so they took the two and stuck them together.” Keri thought a moment and then said, “I bet there is some truth in that. It’s like there is a balance of power, they slowly fade until only one I visible. Then the other comes and after fading again it is on top. There is no dominant light. And when you think about it you notice that the largest bodies in the sky are always party way visible. Like during the day you can see the moon if you know where to look, and at night the moon glows because of the sun’s light.” “Anything I was about to say has been squashed out of my mind now by your not so brief synopsis of the balance of power between night and day. But there is no denying it you are probably right… Probably.”
          By now the sun had sank out of sight and the moon dominated the sky. “When you think about it,” Ryan said after a short pause, “you notice that some people naturally favor the day and there is now way to change their mind. It’s not like they don’t like the night, they just think the day is more vibrant and alive. I wont deny it, the day is nice and I don’t mind seeing it every once and a while, but I think that the night has so many different perspectives that the people who favor day haven’t seen.” Keri laughed and said, “No kidding. When I was up during the day I thought that a clear blue creek or a white rose was pretty, but now when I look at those same things at night they have a different type of look. The creek looks like it has been mixed with silver and the rose looks even more vibrant under the moonlight.” Ryan was quiet for a while and then said, “This is completely off subject, but isn’t it amazing how one simple statement of opinion can start up and entire conversation.” Keri just looked at him with a mixture of confusion and amusement. After a moment she asked, “You want to go outside?” “Sure,” he answered and then said, “Lets go and look at the spring.” The two got up and walked out of the room. Before going downstairs Ryan quickly walked back to the room and closed the curtains and then closed the door. He just looked at Keri and said, “If anyone walked around here they might notice that the curtains are open and see our stuff in the room. We don’t want that because either they will come in and take it or they will figure out that there are people here  and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure were not supposed to be here.”
               Keri was both amused and annoyed so she said, “You tell me this now? I’ve been trying to think of a way to turn my life around and stop taking things from other people. I don’t enjoy taking their things but I do it out of need, not want. I thought that this was a break through and that I was finally obeying some rules, but apparently fate just threw that breakthrough out the window.” Keri didn’t say this unkindly or even angrily. She, in Ryan’s eyes, just sounded annoyed. He didn’t blame her either so he let it slide. Instead he answered in his usual thoughtful manner, “Fate isn't usually kind.” Ryan decided to lighten the mood though, so he added with a smile, “Mind you, if you ask anyone who is in a bad mood because of some dumb luck that didn't go their way, they'll all say fate is stupid.” “Easy for you to say,” Keri replied unamused “You life hasn’t been one big mess after another.” 
            Ryan dropped some of his joking admitted and said, “You don't know that. For all you know I could have had a worse childhood than you.” Now instead of annoyance all Keri felt was confusion. So with no better time to ask she said, “What was is like to grow up here? It seems so peaceful.” Ryan looked like he didn't want to talk but he said, “It is, for the most part. Which is part of the problem. Life is too peaceful and I'm tired of that. I want to do something different.” “Ok,” Keri said, “ I get that but what's the catch? What's the one part of this place that's not peaceful?” “My house,” he said, “remember how I said that the people I live with usual go places where I can't or won't go?” “Yes,” Keri said. “The only place they really go to is a tiny bar and when they come back...” Ryan stopped for a moment and appeared to be thinking. “Let's just say that they… are a little loopy.” He finished with a grin. “Wait,” Keri, said, “Question. Whom do you live with?” Ryan answered with a shrug, “An older cousin. Nice guy, most of the time.” “OK. One last question, then we can go outside. How come you always look like you don't care whenever you reflect back on unhappy memories,” Keri asked. His way of not caring about not so great moments in his life was not exactly concerning, but it still was nagging at her. However, Ryan had a view on the matter that Keri had never really thought about before, “Getting upset over thing you can't change won't help a bit. So… I just let it go and laugh at it.” “You know, that actually makes sense,” Keri said. Ryan looked at her and grinned saying, “You do realize that half the things we've said would make absolutely no sense to half the people you know. Now, are we going to go outside or what?”
            Keri and Ryan still had a lot to talk about but the headed outside and towards the spring. The moon was high in the sky and there was a cool summer breeze blowing through the air. The trees surrounding the clearing stood tall and sturdy not letting the wind shake their ancient trunks. Looking at them one would think that they were like people almost, people who stood proud and unwavering. Once the two reached the spring Keri decided to take off her boots and stick her feat in the water. She took of the first one and was halfway through taking her other shoe off when Ryan said, “Your feet stink.” Keri stopped what she was doing and stared at him for a moment, then said sarcastically, “Yah, because your feet smell like roses.” “Hey,” he said, “It’s the hard, cold truth. Your feet smell like… feet, and mine don't.” “That is a half truth and you know it,” Keri said and then added, “I bet that everyone in will wake up and wonder why the air stinks.” “You may be right, or you may be horribly mistaken. I'm sure the smell of your feet would wilt all the grass within two miles of here if grass could smell,” Ryan said. Keri resorted to her last idea and stuck out her tongue. Ryan of course, being Ryan, stuck his right back out at her and then said, “So as to keep the peace, how about you just put your shoes back on and we never speak of this again. “Agreed,” Keri said, “as long as you keep your shoes on.” Ryan looked at her and said, “Aaahhh! You’re breaking the peace!” As a penalty he reached down into the water and splashed some onto Keri. The water was cold so Keri returned fire and said loudly, “now who's not keeping the peace!”
            The one little splash turned into a water war and after twenty minutes both Keri and Ryan were worn out. “I'm soaked,” Keri said looking down at her damp clothing. “If you're soaked, then what am I,” asked Ryan who was dripping spring water everywhere, for a good reason, he had tripped over a rock and fallen into neck deep water. “Wet,” was all Keri said. Ryan sat down on the grass and Keri decided to as well. Nobody said anything for a while, but eventually Ryan said, “On the bright side, it's summer and there's a breeze. We’ll dry out eventually.” “Yah, I'm already part way dry, and you've stopped dripping,” Keri replied. However, Ryan wasn't nearly as dry as Keri, “I might have stopped dripping, but I'm still soaked.” To prove this, he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and twisted it so some of the extra water came out. “Hey, I regret nothing,” Keri said which caused Ryan to laugh.
            After a while Ryan gave up on the idea of air drying and decided to just change clothes saying, “I know you'll dry off in about ten more minutes but it's going to take me twenty to thirty and I just don't feel like waiting that long.” “Go ahead,” Keri said, “but don't take an hour.” Ryan answered sarcastically, “are you going to die if boredom?” Keri rolled her eyes but had no comment. After that exchange Ryan walked back over to the house and went inside. Keri finally had some alone time to process what was happening. After about a night and a half Keri now had found a people that nobody had heard from in over six centuries, found out that she was most likely born in this town or was at least from it, learned a whole bunch of new things that would make absolutely no sense anyone who had never passed the tree gate, and made a new friend who knew more about her than she knew about herself. This place is strange, but, a good strange.  
            After a few minutes Ryan came back outside looking almost exactly the same as he did before he went inside. Keri raised an eyebrow, “did you even change?” “Ummm… yes,” he said. “Sorry, but you look exactly the same,” she said in return. Ryan shrugged his shoulders and said, “The colors are similar but that's it. Anyways, it's not like I changed my face.” Keri said nothing, but she did take off her boots again just to see if Ryan would do anything. He did, by taking off his boots as well. To Keri, the grass felt good against her feet, which were still a bit sore from running, and there was a soft breeze that caused her hair to blow around. It was, as Ryan said, a peaceful place. 
            Suddenly, as if on cue after Keri thought that, there was a loud voice that said, “You kids shouldn't be here.” The two immediately swung around and saw a man standing in front of them. Keri looked surprised and concerned while Ryan just looked like he wanted to shrink to the size of a blade of grass and disappear. The man said, “Ryan, you know you aren’t supposed to be out here.” Ryan didn’t say anything. “Aren’t you going to say something,” the man asked, and then he noticed Keri, “and who’s that?” Ryan, who still looked uncomfortable, said, “A friend.” “Ok…” the man said, “but that's not why I'm here. There is someone at home who's looking for you so go home and talk to them.” Suddenly it clicked. This was Ryan’s older cousin, but why was he so uncomfortable? “Fine,” Ryan said, “but can Keri come to?” The man agreed. Ryan started to walk back towards Realta and Keri followed. However, for some unknown reason, Ryan’s cousin did not see come as well.
            As soon as they were out of ear shot Keri asked, “Was that your cousin?” “Yes,” he said. “So why were you so unhappy to see him,” she questioned. “Its not that I don’t like to see him,” Ryan said, “It’s the fact that he knew exactly where to find me. Plus… the last time anybody came to talk to me was when I was 6 years old, so I don’t know why anybody would come asking for me.” Keri thought for a moment and then put on a smile and said, “Be happy people don’t treat you like dirt instead of just ignoring you. Believe me, I speak from experience. Besides, I’m still here.” Ryan smiled too and then said, “That’s right, being with another person is better than being alone. Believe ME, I speak from experience.” Then they both laughed. By that time they had passed through the grassy field that was filled with silver lilies and had made it to the edge of town.
            From here Keri followed Ryan through the maze of streets. Keri thought that the town was like a river because the people seemed to know exactly where they wanted to go and every person was following a slightly different course that the person behind or in front of them. Keri followed Ryan into the center of the city, which was where Keri had sat on her bench by the fountain the previous evening. From there Ryan turned left and then took a right. After that, Keri stopped keeping track because she couldn’t remember whether the third turn was to the left or to the right. 
After what felt like a few minuets, Ryan finally stopped in the middle of an empty street. The street, like all the others in the town, was made from thousands of small flat stones around the size of Keri’s fist. Beyond the street was a grassy area with a small stone house in the center of it. The house and land was contained by a stonewall that was around three feet high, which like the street, was made from small stones. The only difference was that the stones that made up the street was flat but the stones that made up the wall looked like they were small misshaped blocks. There was a gap in the middle of the wall, and in that gap a small dirt path originated that led up to a door, that opened into the house.
            Ryan walked down the street and then up to the fence where he stopped. After looking around for a moment he crouched down and pulled one of the stones out from the wall and pulled a key out of the empty space. “Why would you need a key,” Keri asked. “My cousin lost the key other and he knew that I had hidden one somewhere because I could always get into the house, even when he didn’t want me to come in,” he said while he returned the stone to its home in the wall. Ryan’s answer had made no sense to Keri but she didn’t say anything. After standing back up Ryan led the way through the gate and then up the dirt path until they came up to the door. He opened the door and stuck his head through the doorway and said loudly, “Anybody in here?” there was a pause and then they herd someone say, “Yes.” Ryan rolled his eyes and said, “Not you Deaglan, but do you know if there is anyone here who stopped by to talk to me.” “I don’t know,” Deaglan, said in an annoyed tone, “I don’t live here!” Ryan rolled his eyes again and after pulling his head out of the doorway muttered under his breath “Actually you practically do live here because you go back to your own house only once every week for a few hours.”
Ryan placed his spare key on a hook on the wall, shut the door, and then turned around to face Keri. “Lets check the back to see if anyone’s there,” he said while he started to walk to the left going parallel to the house. “Hey Ryan,” Keri asked, is there a reason you never say home when you refer to your house?” “It’s simple really… a home is a place where you feel happy and that you want to go back to a the end of each day, and this place is just not that. If somebody were to ask me where my home is, I would say that my home is the grey house outside of town that is falling apart at the seams, because I’m happy there.” “Well…” Keri said, “I would have to agree with you on that one.” Ryan made a face and shrugged. “ Come    on, lets go check the back,” he said. So the two continued walking. 
                When they rounded the corner Keri could make out a large oak tree in the corner of the yard where two sides of the fence met. The trees limbs were so long that they went up and over the fence and into a grassy area beyond the wall. The grass the other side of the fence was tall and swayed in the breeze causing it to look like a river. Ryan turned another corner but even he jumped at the sight of the man standing there. He wore a black uniform that was splotched with some white stuff, that he had evidently spilled, and had a pale face, even for a Doilérie, with short, balding, black hair. Keri and Ryan stood speechless for a second simply staring at him in confusion. After a moment Ryan whispered to Keri, “He looks like a cow.” Keri didn’t reply because she was to busy trying her best not to laugh. The man had heard them and turned. He stood there for a moment and then said looking at Ryan, “Your cousin sent you?” “Yes,” Ryan replied. “I have a message for you, and by the looks of it your friend as well.” Keri raised an eyebrow and said, “So you know whet the message is?” “Of course,” the man answered looking a bit annoyed. “Wait, so is it an oral message or is it on a sheet of paper,” Ryan asked. “It’s an oral message but I have a copy of it on a sheet of paper,” the man said. “Why would you need to have it on a sheet of paper to,” Keri asked. The man seemed to get more annoyed with each question they asked, “Because you might want to hear it again later! So can I deliver the message or not!” “Go for it,” Ryan said. “Thank you,” the man said.
            He stood there for a second and then suddenly looked the most annoyed he had yet saying, “You all made me forget it!” “Well then read it off the piece of paper,” Keri and Ryan said together loudly. “Ok” the man, said, “There is no need to get angry.” This time it was Keri’s turn to roll her eyes. The man seemed to skim over the page for a minuet and then said, “I’m just going to summarize.” “Ok, but can you please start talking.” Ryan said.“ The man gave a little sniff and began, “In essence you are to meat someone under a certain tree somewhere outside town. You might want to read the letter for more specifics.” The man handed Ryan the paper. “Thank you, Ryan said but then added as the man started to walk away, “What happened to your uniform?” The man stiffened for a second, and then said in the same annoyed tone he had used the entire conversation, “If you have to know, when I left home this morning a my ex-wife dumped a large sum of old flour on me while I was leaving my home this morning.” After that, the man walked around the corner of the house and was gone. As soon as he was gone Keri and Ryan burst out laughing. They didn’t stop for a while and when they did they decided that they should read the letter. It said…
To whom it may concern,
I do not know if you were aware of this or not, but I feel that it is necessary to tell you the reason you have received this letter. If you have, you are known to be the child or sibling to a person or persons in an elite group that had the job of keeping us, and our borders safe. Around thirteen years ago, that same group set out to challenge an enemy of ours that had resurfaced after hundreds of years; none of them returned. However, this is only part of the story. If you wish to hear the full story and the reason for your being contacted, meat me under the large oak tree about a two miles south of Asrose this upcoming noon. But before you make your decision you should know, that anyone in that group was not chosen for any reason. There are some things that not all people know about the Doilérie.  
    The two stood in silence for a time and then Ryan asked the question they both were thinking. “Are we going to do as the letter asks or are we going to ignore it and go back to whatever it is that we do?” Keri thought for a while. On the one hand, the letter had sparked an adventures curiosity that was not going to be quenched easily. But on the other hand, going back to the house and enjoying the feeling of having a friend was very inviting and it was something Keri never wanted to loose now that she had finally gotten a taste of it. Her mind was made up, she looked Ryan in they and said, “ The smart thing is to go back to the grey house and pretend this never happened. But the reality is that neither of us are really going to do the smart thing.” Ryan grinned saying, “ I knew you were going to say that! We still have twelve hours till we have to be under the willow.” “Don't forget,” Keri said, “we have to leave in eleven hours because we don't know how fast we are going to end up walking.” “Right,” Ryan said, “So… What are we going to do for eleven hours?”


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