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I am 17 and am an amateur writer for fun with a love of fiction. Although, if all the little people in my head could give me a hand every once and a while, that would be great. One problem I have though is when I create something I like, I try to turn it into a book. FYI, it's a bad idea/habit. Now, several unfinished books later, I am still going! Most of my pieces are short stories, so if you want to read them, it might take a little bit. I hope you like what you see, and if not, well... shit happens.

Disclaimer: I never said my writing was award worthy or anything, so read at your own risk peeps.

My Potential Novel Titles

November 4, 2015

1. The People Of The Night (<-- in the process of creation)
2. The Message From The Past 
3. Change
4. The Pendant's Shadow 
5. The Truth of Lies
the first one is in the prosess of becomming a novel... around six chapters in 


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  • Jacie XP

    These sound great. I'd also love to The People of the Night. And I totally get what you mean about not having much experience. I'm 13 and some people haven't even given my writing a chance because of it.
    My solution: write them into a story and have them die a slow, painful death.

    almost 3 years ago