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March 2, 2018


i don't see where you come from, but as I hit the corner
​or thereabouts, anyway,
​there you are. a flurry of people,
​and you're within them, struggling against the throngs:
​a wingless bird against the current,
​feathers tousled by the unfamiliar waters.
​just how i'd imagined you returning to me:
​your face tilted upwards,
tasting the air.

​your skin is browned with the sun's lips. 

​a n d  t h e n
the air tightens between us; it's a continual pulse
​of contractions, expansions, a drum beat -
and our eyes meet, and it softens, it's 
​the languorous, mellow smoothness of a string melody
​ascending in flat plains, then slowly dying,
​expiring in the thinness of the breeze. 

​our eyes meet. god, I remember
​when that would have seared through me, a long and aching
​flame of love and discontent and pain and loss and greed -
​now it rather melts through me, or you do,
​you're the blood of me, warm and slick, falling
​through my composition. tear tracks. a single note.

​it's been years since I loved you, and since you left them
​the way he left me, turned to the bottle
​the way he did. 
​and I watched you, darling, I watched you crumble with 
​my own kind of avarice, the need to see something human
​in you, 
the way I never could in him
​because he didn't let me. and so, really, it was me 
​and everyone else who just watched -
we killed you,
we buried you,
​we fed you to the worms:
​nobody grieved. 

​it's warm and your skin glows like gold in the light;
​but your eyes reduce me to



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  • The Ha

    The way you had describe everything helps me picture the entire scene ....and your vocab is also really this piece

    over 2 years ago
  • sasha.gemini

    This is a powerful piece of writing! Great Job!

    over 2 years ago