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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Thirteen

February 28, 2018


“Oh dear,” Cowarldy said.

”That was awesome,” Pyromanic said.

”...I didn’t mean to...” Cowarldy said.

”So...this things gonna blow up any minute...” Pyromanic then grabbed Cowardly, making him and he fall off the Zeppelin. After several seconds of crying, Cowarldy realized he was gently falling down.

”I got a parachute,” Pyromanic said. Cowardly looked up and saw said parachute. They got to the ground, and went to meet with the the other Swordman.

Somehow, the Captain and the Lieutenant survived the Zeppelin crashing.

”I have to pay for this,” The Captain said,”This is coming out of my pay...”

The Lieutenant was silent.

”Aren’t you scared?” The Captian asked her,”What about my pay?”

”I’m not scared of that,” The Lieutenant looked away.

”What’s scary to then me losing pay?”

The Lieutenant looked at the Captain with a worried look on her face.

”We have to tell General Oakmore about this failure,”

And suddenly, the Lieutenant’s changed from empty pay to and early grave. He even swore he saw a hooded figure in the distance.


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