Finley R.

United States

Message to Readers

This is from my future point of view on climate change - like what I'll tell my kids and grandkids, what I might regret.

I Can't Forget

March 21, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

Yes, I remember
snow in December.
Trees before we shouted "Timber".
The fire before the embers.

Oh, believe me, I remember.

I remember blue skies
back before smoke and lies.
I remember good times.
I only cry sometimes.

I remember love and laughter.
I'm sorry you had to come after.

I remember animals with wisdom in their eyes.
Back before humans took their lives.
I remember trees as old as time
Taken by those who created rhyme.

I remember oceans, 
nature's finest potion.
Salt and fish, blue and green
filled with trash that went unseen.

Believe me, I remember. I wish you did, too.
Now there's nothing we can do.

And no, I can't forget because of what I did.
I did nothing because I was a kid.

I watched in silence
at all the violence.
the shooting and the guns
people falling, one by one.
The hate, the threat,
the drought and neglect.
The final sunset.
Oh, believe me, I remember, but I'll never forget.


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