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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 12!!! (How does one write theme music for a world who's theme is music?

Chaos Pacificae (12)

March 2, 2018


[WARNING WARNING WAAAAAARNING!!!!!!: This is the twelfth installment of this story, and many of you may actually be interested in this one for once. So, this time, it is ESPECIALLY important that you READ THEM IN ORDER. If this is the first installment you are reading, you are doing it wrong. If it helps, I could make a table of contents for this story?] 
{MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: "Fortissian Fanfare" (not compatible with mobile devices)} 
{COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY WARNING!!!: This installment contains cameos and drums. If cameos and drums offend you, please stop reading this installment, for you are setting yourself up to be offended. However, the likelihood of someone being offended by cameos and drums? Very slim. This warning is meant to be taken as a joke.} 

    Previously on "Chaos Pacificae"... 

    In search of someone who can aid them on their journey, Pax and Keira found themselves caught in a rather sticky situation. They thought they were done for, when suddenly, they found salvation from two very unexpected sources. Now, with the guidance given to them by Sammy Storm, they are going to Forte Minor, the music capital of the multiverse... 

    On Forte Minor... 

    Pax and Keira were transported onto a giant piano platform. 
    ...Yes, you read that correctly. The platform was designed to be a giant piano. Pax landed on a G key, and Keira landed on a B key, and both played their respective notes once they landed (or appeared? It's complicated. Different world, different mechanics for interdimensional arrival). This confused them, because they weren't that far away from each other when they left Coronet Iota. 
    "...Uh, why did it teleport us away from each other?" Keira asked, confused. 
    "I dunno," said Pax, bouncing a little on his key to make it keep playing. "Maybe it's something to do with the... Giant piano?" 
    "...A gigantic piano. Of course. Well, at least there aren't any living lutes or talking tubas!" 
    Keira then took a quick look around, making sure she wasn't about to see a living lute or a talking tuba. (If you've been paying attention, you'll know why). To her relief, she didn't see any. 
    However, they did see something incredible. Forte Minor was a huge musical kingdom, and from their really tall piano platform, they could see it all! There was a palace visible a little distance away, and between the platform and the palace, there was a castle town! (You know, a town that's outside of a castle). 
    "Okay, I'm guessing that we need to go there," said Pax, pointing at the palace. 
    "Gee, how'd you figure THAT one out, Sherlock?" Keira said sarcastically. 
    "Yeah, you're hilarious," said Pax, smirking. 
    "...Wow, I think you're actually getting the hang of sarcasm." 
    "It's not that hard, really. I just say the opposite of what I mean, but I say it in a way that makes it obvious that I mean the opposite, right?" 
    "...Yeah, basically," said Keira slowly. "Anyway, one problem: how are we gonna get down there?" 
    "We could use that conveniently located slide?" said Pax, looking at what he was talking about. 
    Keira looked, and, sure enough, there was a very conveniently placed slide that led from the piano platform to the castle town. There was a sign next to it. The sign said: 
       "Whistle Slide!" 
     Be prepared for a 
    trumpet fanfare at 
         the bottom! 

    "Huh," said Keira, "wonder why they call it the 'Whistle Slide'..." 
    "Only one way to find out," said Pax. 
    So, they both got onto the slide and slid down! As they slid, the slide made the sound of a slide whistle! Then, when they got to the bottom, a loud trumpet fanfare played! 
    Now, keep in mind that Pax was a rather light person, so when he got to the bottom of the slide, he didn't stop. He ended up colliding with someone!!! 
    "Oof!" the person he collided with exclaimed. 
    "I am SOOOOO so so so so sorry!" Pax said once his head stopped spinning. "Here, let me help you u-" 
    He stopped mid-word as he actually saw who he was talking to. She had long, semi-dark blonde hair and green eyes with dark rings around the borders. Pax recognized her. 
    She recognized him, too. 
    "Holy crud, Pax? Is that you?" 
    "Em! Long time no see, stranger!" 
    Pax finished helping Em up. 
    "...I'm sorry, what just happened?" Keira asked, confused. 
    "Oh, Keira, this is Emily Threestorm," said Pax, "She used to live on Candara Prime." 
    "Oh. That explains how you know her," said Keira. 
    "Em, this is Keira, a new friend of mine." 
    "Nice to meet you, Keira," said Em, extending her hand for a handshake. 
    "You too, Emily," said Keira, accepting. 
    "You can call me Em." 
    "So," said Pax, "How's life as a Fortissian been treating you?" 
    "Pretty good," said Em. "The music here is great. Although, when I'm not hearing somebody playing music, there always seems to be some kind of castle music playing in the background, so... That's kinda weird." 
    "Huh. That actually sounds pretty cool!" 
    "So," said Em, "what brings you to Forte Minor?" 
    "The world's weirdest birthday present," said Keira with a smirk. 
    "Wait, Pax, is today you're birthday?!" said Em. 
    "Yup. Keira's, too." 
    "Happy birthday, Pax! Oh, and Keira, of course." 
    Em then sang happy birthday. She had an amazing singing voice. 
    "Wow, it's been a LOOOOOONG time since I've heard you singing," said Pax with a smile. "I didn't think it was possible, but you've actually gotten even BETTER!" 
    "Thanks! So, um, what was that about a weird birthday present?" Em asked once she was done. 
    "Right," said Pax. "Uh, Keira and I are actually on some kind of adventure!" 
    "Really?" Em said. "Wow. That sounds cool. What kind of adventure?" 
    Pax looked at Keira. Keira shrugged. 
    "We actually don't know," said Pax. "Nobody will tell us what exactly our goal is. They just keep telling us which world to go to next, and who to find on that world." 
    "That sounds annoying." 
    "It is," Keira confirmed. "And let's not forget Linden constantly jump-scaring us." 
    Then, Linden appeared behind Keira! 
    "BUT YOU MAKE IT SO EASY!" Linden said loudly, startling all of them. 
    "Linden!" Keira exclaimed. "Stop doing that, god d***it!" 
    "KEIRA!" Pax and Linden exclaimed at the same time. 
    "Wait, 'stop'? Does this happen a lot?" Em asked. 
    "All day," said Keira in annoyance. "Everywhere we've gone." 
    "Oh, hello there, miss!" Linden said, quickly gliding to Em. "I don't believe we've met. My name is Azor Linden." 
    Linden extended his hand for a hand shake. 
    Oh, he isn't... Pax thought to himself. 
    Em tried to accept the handshake, only to discover that her hand went right through his! Linden burst out laughing, and Pax laughed a little, too. 
    "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" Linden exclaimed as he laughed. "Somebody else fell for it!!!" 
    "Em, you weren't there," Pax said, still laughing a little, "but Linden did the same thing to me earlier." 
    "Oh, well, that was kinda dumb of me," said Em. "I mean, you're a ghost. My hand would just go through." 
    "But you did it anyway!" Linden laughed. "That's what makes it funny!" 
    Then, Linden let his laughter fade away a bit. 
    "So," Linden said, calmer (but still smiling), "What was your name, miss?" 
    "Emily Threestorm," said Em, "but you can call me Em." 
    "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Em." 
    "SOOO," said Keira abruptly, "are we gonna focus on the task at hand? Or are we just gonna stand here and laugh about pranks and puns all day?" 
    "While talking about pranks and puns all day DOES sound enjoyable," said Linden, "you're right. There is a mission to be done!" 
    "So, what kind of mission is this?" Em asked again. 
    "I can't tell you that," Linden responded. 
    "...Why not?" 
    "I can't tell you that, either." 
    "...Well, is there anything you CAN tell me?" 
    "Pertaining to this particular situation? No, not really." 
    "Stupid Cryptic Code," Keira muttered. 
    "Don't worry, Keira," said Linden. "The Cryptic Code won't last forever. All will eventually be revealed. I'm just not allowed to give you all the answers from the beginning." 
    "Why not?" 
    "I can't tell you that." 
    "Can you at least tell me one thing?" Pax asked. 
    "Depends on what that 'thing' is." 
    "When was all of this decided?" 
    Linden was silent. He appeared to be contemplating his response. 
    "...Sixteen years ago," said Linden reluctantly. "WELL, I must be going now! I can't really go much further than this spot, so... FAREWELL FOR NOW!!!" 
    And with that, Linden did a fancy spin and disappeared! 
    "...Well! That was... Interesting," said Em, trying to find the right words. 
    "It usually is when Linden shows up," said Keira. "So, Pax? The mission thing?" 
    "Oh, right!" said Pax. "We gotta find King Sing!" 
    "You're looking for King Sing?" said Em. 
    "Uh, yeah?" said Pax. "Do you know where we can find him?" 
    "Sure!" said Em. "Normally, he'd be taking a casual stroll around the castle town to chat and listen to the music, but..." 
    Em looked towards the palace. 
    "...He hasn't come out of the palace in about a week now," Em continued. "There're more guards patrolling the castle wall, too." 
    "Hmm... Almost like he's worried about something..." Keira said suspiciously. 
    "Let's go!" Pax said excitedly. "We don't have all day! Well, technically, we do, but... You know what I mean!" 
    "See you around, Pax!" said Em. 
    So, Pax and Keira started walking towards the palace. 

To be continued... 
Part 12!!! Now featuring cameos!!! Today, there was only one cameo, requested by... Somebody who hasn't made a real appearance on the site yet. (There will be more cameos later, don't worry. I won't forget about any of you!) 

(If the next one has already been uploaded when you're reading this, don't close the tab for the music. Same music for the next one.) 


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