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I enjoy writing semi-decent short stories and poems. If that's what you're looking for, then welcome! You've come to the WRITE place (haha).

No as gay as I thought I was. Sleep continues to evade me :'D

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February 28, 2018

He was a monster, hidden in plain sight. He watched the world around him with apathetic eyes, his gaze trailing slowly along the masses around him. They had no idea what he was. They all lived in their own blissful bubble of reality, with no idea of what was to come. His gaze was predatory. A certain lust showed in his eyes, but it was kept concealed. Many years of practice had trained him in charm and manipulation. A few kind words and he could have anyone he wants.


A young woman with long red locks of hair was strolling leisurely down the sidewalk. Her pale skin almost held an ethereal glow in the bright sunlight, complementing her fiery hair. He couldn't wait to see what her pale skin looked like when it was painted red.

Standing from where he sat, the man left some money on his table and casually walked after her. He couldn't help staring at her, imagining what he would do when the time came. He had to plan everything out, no loose ends would be acceptable. The local police department was already suspicious of him, and he couldn't give himself away.

She entered her home without realizing he was tailing her. He wrote down her address and put his notebook back in his coat pocket, slightly crumbling the paper to keep his grip on reality. It would be bad to get lost in the fantasies of blood and mutilation. He tended to just stare off into space when that happened, and he needed to get out of the area right away. It wouldn't be good to be spotted by a concerned neighbor and be put on a suspect list later.

He would bide his time and that pale skin would be painted red.


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