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Hi there! My name is Sam. I'm 17 years old and I enjoy writing poetry, personal essays, critical essays, and journalism. I'm interested in nature and history, and you'll find a lot of my writing to center around those topics.

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Springs Never End

February 28, 2018


I used to dislike spring; as a child I longed to return to the quiet, cozy darkness of my house in wintertime. But each year I like spring more and more, and I look forward to the balmy days and the smell of warm grass, flowing in the wind, rising out of old, cracked, sun-scorched pavement. 
For thousands of generations, spring represented rebirth and new life to all of humanity; the leaves returning to bathe the trees in green splendor, the planting of new seeds, the Young Man's Thoughts of Love, and the end of death and decay (as if such a thing could ever end!). But these days our modern world no longer grants this season the attention it deserves. Indeed, as we construct more cities, as our teachers and bosses demand more of us, and as we demand more of ourselves, we ignore the leaves and the grass and the sun and the sky.
Such ignorance is a mistake. And the older I become, the more I appreciate spring, but I also grow more sorrowful. I walk out onto a sun-baked field, but the cars on the Texas Public Highway growl in the distance. I go further, and I begin to walk into a reborn forest, only to find much of it cut down. I find a river- the water of life, yet it is undrinkable, silted through with mud and sediment.
Nature is my one true love, and without her I become lost- just a child wandering through a society of pavement and demands. I wish I could hold up my palm and push back, but in the end I know two things: nothing but Nature lasts forever, and humans are fools. We'll continue to try and destroy, thinking such destruction will make us more wealthy. But one day we shall be able to go no further- and humanity will be absent from all the springs to come.


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