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Tamia Jackson-Brown

United States

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Pure, harsh truth.

Hard knock Life

November 6, 2015

The Characters You are About to Meet
Chantel (10)
Courtney (14)
Camille (16)
Facts about where they live:  the home is run down, old, and pitiful
Facts about the family:  these three sisters are living with their evil step-mother.  Their biological mother passed when they were little from a car accident.
Facts about the accident:  It was a bad storm, a drunk driver swerved off the side of the road into a ditch and took their mother’s car with him. The whole thing went up into flames.

It took their dad a while to get over the whole situation but after 3 years later he found “love” again. Gertrude had been in the picture for almost 5 years but their dad couldn't seem to understand how malevolant she truly was. When they would try to explain to him he got upset and would say they’re “picking” on Gertrude. Regardless, the girls loved their dad and stopped telling him things because one, he never listens and two, if he’s happy that’s what counts to them. They figured, love must truly be blind.
    After everything they went through with the death of their mother they thought they had hit rock bottom and life couldn’t get any worse, then came along Gertrude. From the moment she stepped into their lives Camille could see right through her phony bullshit. She would put on complete facades in front of their dad and when he would turn his back she would give a look, a look of hate, a look of kill. It scared Chantel,  it never fazed Courtney, and as for Camille...she challenged Gertrude. WIth her being the oldest she had to save face and stand up to Gertrude for her younger sisters.


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