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Just thought I'd share the questionnaire I made.

50 Questions/Prompts to Deepen Your Characters' Psyche

February 27, 2018


Because of Pinterest, I've seen lots of character questionnaires. I haven't really liked any of them, because they're always about whether your character likes this, knows that, what they do. They aren't about who the character is. So, I've compiled 50 questions that will hopefully get me (and perhaps you) thinking in the right direction.
  1. Does he/she work better with or without schedules?
  2. How well do they adjust to change?
  3. What do they (consciously and/or subconsciously) look to find in life? Logic, happiness, success, satisfaction, friendships, etc.
  4. What is their definition of success? Why?
  5. What is their definition of happiness? Why?
  6. In a situation where they had to be a leader and had to have a co-leader, who would be their best co-leader?
  7. Conversely, who would be the most conflicting co-leader?
  8. How would they react if they realize that they were written into creation by you?
  9. Luxurious heaven, exciting hell, or the inbetween smuggler; which would they choose?
  10. On a scale of 0 to 10, how often do they unconsciously think about their appearance?
  11. On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do the tend to their appearance?
  12. What is the one thing they could rant on about?
  13. Do they avoid conversing about certain topics? If so, which topics?
  14. What topic is the easiest for them to discuss?
  15. Do they avoid discussing why they're angry, or do they go straight to the point?
  16. If you amplified their most annoying/antagonistic trait, what sort of person would they be?
  17. If you amplified their most likeable trait, what sort of person would they be?
  18. If you amplified their most "cool" trait (E.g., their superpowers, awesome skills, etc.) what sort of person would they be?
  19. Given the chance to experience experience anything in their world, what would they choose and why?
  20. Do they prefer to see through one project to its end,or jump from one thing to another?
  21. How expressive are they? Why?
  22. What small goal (making cookies small) would they like to accomplish?
  23. Are they a night owl or a morning person?
  24. Do they do better with sit-down activities, or do they have to keep moving?
  25. They are standing in front of a rack of weapons from both our world and theirs. They can choose any weapon and fight well with it. What weapon would they choose? Why?
  26. When do they panic more: during, before, or after a stressful/dangerous situation?
  27. What is their equivalent of panicking?
  28. In the game truth or dare, which do they choose: truth, dare, or another response?
  29. What is their beverage to help them relax? Why?
  30. On a scale of 0 to 10, how much time do they spend obsessing over something?
  31. In a house fire, assuming everyone else is safe, what object would they choose to rescue?
  32. Who are their grandparents? I'm talking about all four of them. Did they immigrate? Are they natives?
  33. Does your character think more about the past, present, or future?
  34. They have three options: they can look like anyone for a week; adjust their current appearance for a week; or don't. If they chose one of the first two options, what did they think of the experience? If they didn't choose one of those two, why?
  35. Which is their dominant eye?*
  36. Which is their dominant hand?*
  37. Which is their dominant foot?*
  38. Out of the seven sins, which do they find the most repulsive?
  39. Out of the seven sins, which are they most drawn towards?
  40. What do they think of their local politics? Why?
  41. In a battle of wits with their antagonist, who would win?
  42. In a game of chess with their antagonist, who would win?
  43. Your character and their best friend are just that: best friends. They are perfectly happy with this and utterly lacking romantic interests. BUT the best friend has accidently drunk a love potion and is now in love with your character. How does your character react?
  44. Vice-versa to the previous situation. How does your character react?
  45. Is your character ticklish? If so, where's their weak spot.
  46. Your character is suddenly terrified of birds. A) What does he/she think of this situation? B) How do they react? C) How do they show their fear?
  47. Your character is drunk with friends. What happens?
  48. Your character is drunk with strangers. What happens?
  49. Your character is stuck in a chair. Sitting across from them, also trapped in a chair, is their antagonist. They are otherwise alone. They stay that way for three days (let's pretend they don't have bodily needs). How have they changed after the incident?
  50. You meet your character on the street. What is your first impression of this person?

*It is possible to have different dominant body parts. I'm a great example. My left eye is dominant, which makes me a lefty archer, though I'm right-handed. However, my left foot is dominant, which makes me hurtle (basically the supernova of skipping and very important for gymnastics) with my left foot forward. This is not consistent throughout the other gymnastics events, because of how I'm right-handed and I twist right.

                                                                        * * *

Consider those why's. Don't go for the simple, generic answers. I used to love the color red. Why? Well, because it's a bright, amazing color that no one else really seemed to like. That's the simple answer.
    The deeper answer is because my favorite quilt was red. I loved that quilt (still do), and I associated that love with the color red. It wasn't until about a year ago did I realize that.

Have fun!


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