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What Life Means to Me (FF)

February 27, 2018


All credit to KidThrills for this group. Follow the Fiction Faction: KidThrills953 (FF), RainAndSonder, camlily, Lee Fudge,Glytch Montoya, and Kaitlyn ❄

Life is supposed to be happy. Life is supposed to be what you want it to be. Sure, we're not going to like it 100% of the time. No one does. Struggles make us who we are. Scars form our strength. We are what we have faced. Be kind. Love others. Be supportive. There is nothing worse than hearing someone hates you. There is nothing worse than feeling lonely. There is nothing worse than feeling you have nothing in life. Deep down, everyone feels this way. No matter what their shell is. No matter how much they feel they have to cover their emotions. People want to be loved. People want to be comforted. People want to feel included. Life will fight you though. People will fight you. People will try to tear you down. People will play dirty. You might even play dirty. Life is a struggle. It's a struggle for everyone. It always will be. Just don't make it a struggle for others.


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