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Jacie XP

United States

Hello pedestrians! Jacie XP here just being awesome like usual!
I'm a teen girl trapped by school (which is bleh).
I'm working on a story called Return, but I'm often distracted by other projects.

Message to Readers

I did the dictionary thing a third time. Maybe I should get some sleep.


November 3, 2015


I had to kill them. I was left with no choice. Call me selfish if you'd like, but I didn't want to die. I didn't even want to have to look at my own blood. Life was good. I didn't want it to end.
So I killed them.
Six lives to keep my own.
I know I'll go to Hell.

If It had been up to me, no one would have died. But I was in debt and he needed them taken out. So yes, I killed John McCarthy and his wife, Martha, along with their four, young children. But what else could I have done? He was going to kill me. I only did what had to be done.

I only did what had to be done.

The police are out looking for me. Someone must have let it slip that I was behind the murders.
Jail is like ending a life.
I won't let them

I'll run.

They haven't caught me. I think I might be okay if I move to a new state and take on a new identity. Then maybe I can escape what haunts me. Then maybe McCarthy's family will leave my dreams alone.

Then maybe I can be happy.


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