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Hello pedestrians! Jacie XP here just being awesome like usual!
I'm a teen girl trapped by school (which is bleh).
I'm working on a story called Return, but I'm often distracted by other projects.

Message to Readers

This was actually as assignment for my English class in September, but it works for this prompt.
What does you think?

Just a Game

November 3, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

My sister Lisa wanted to play Cowboys and Indians with me. I agreed saying, “Okay, but I wanna be the Cowboy.” She grinned and said, “Even though it’s just a game, I want to make it real.” I nodded and followed her out into the yard. After a few minutes, she told me that I was caught by the Indians. I laughed and asked, “Okay, what now?” She smiled sweetly at me.
    “Now you have to be tied up.”
    Lisa led me to the front yard and tied me up to a tree with a jump rope. I giggled the entire time. “You have to stay here until you get free, Alex,” she told me. I giggled some more and nodded.
    “It’s just a game.”
    Lisa smiled and patted me on the head. Then she went off to do “Indian stuff”. I heard the sound of a door slam shut. My sister must have gone inside. I didn’t mind. It was all part of the game.
    A few minutes later I could see her at the window, looking out at me tied to the tree. Lisa was eating a PB&J sandwich and obviously enjoying it. I licked my lips, imagining the sweet taste of strawberry jelly mixed with the creamy deliciousness of peanut butter. Suddenly, I wanted one of those sandwiches too.
    I strained against the jump rope, but only succeeded in tickling myself. Laughing uncontrollably, I struggled harder to no avail. Eventually I stopped, calling out, “Lisa, I’m hungry!” Of course, she couldn’t hear me since she was in the house. I didn’t care. Trying to wiggle out of the rope was just too much fun! Lisa always came up with the best games.
    More time passed and I heard shouting from inside the house. My parents were mad at Lisa for something. Suddenly, the door swung open and my mom rushed out. She untied the jump rope and cradled me in her arms. “Oh Alex, are you okay? Lisa shouldn’t have left you tied up like that!”
    I didn’t understand. Lisa was in trouble? For tying me up? Why? It was just a game, wasn’t it?

20+ Years Later

    It was Thanksgiving and I was at my parent’s house for the holiday. Lisa was there too. When we sat down to eat, I impulsively blurted out, “I can’t believe how mean you were to me as a kid, Lisa!”
    She regarded me with a shocked expression and innocently said, “What do you mean? I’ve always been so kind to you.”
    “You left me tied to tree and then ate where I could see you,” I grumbled.
    “Oh come on, Alex!” she shot back, “You were laughing, you liked it. It was a just a game anyway!”
    “Whatever,” I answered, eating my turkey in silence.


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