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The Unseen

February 27, 2018

    The creatures that lurk in the dark, watching your every move. You somehow know they’re there. You could feel like someone's watching you, or you could get goosebumps randomly. The telltale signs are often ignored, because “ghosts can’t be real”. However I can prove they are, because I am one.
    I’m not your typical 16 year old ghost, I died in a car wreck on my 16th birthday. I was test driving my new car! As you can tell… it didn’t end well. Heaven and Hell may exist, but i’m certainly not there. I have unfinished business. Being a ghost is cool though, I can move whatever I want to scare people, and I can get into movies for free! But being me is also lonely, and boring sometimes. I miss my family and friends a lot. I know my family and friends miss me too, because I go and check in on them sometimes. I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy every time I see them, they get to grow old and live a normal life. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here alone.
    I have a mission to get to heaven, or at least be at peace, but I have to make amends with everyone that I may have hurt. I’ve been slowly making enough human contact to make peace with everyone but one person. My mother.
    I stepped into my front door, my house doesn’t look much different since I ‘left’. I finally gathered the strength from the energy in the room to spell out ‘thank you mom and dad - Elena’ with the fridge magnets. I was starting to wonder if it would work, but then I felt myself drifting into ‘the light’. I instantaneously felt at peace, and I knew my fight was over. :)


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  • AbigailSauble

    Very creative. :) I've written something similar to this. Great work!

    over 3 years ago
  • CreativeAngel

    I love this!

    over 3 years ago