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March 2, 2018


Carefully, through the seagrass nebula, it comes, 
on hooves of finest ivory,
with a coat of velvet darkness spotted
supernovas along a bowed spine

The Gazelle waits, shrouded in shadow,
coated in light

Quietly, through the seagrass nebula, it comes,
on steeled paws,
with a pelt made of galaxies and
stardust dripping from constellation teeth

The Lioness waits, shrouded in light,
coated in shadow

Queen mother, great empress of skies;
the Gazelle, with her arched horns curling up
from a benevolent yet sharp gaze
She wears no crown and holds no throne
and she is as loved as she is hated 

Revered beast, great majesty of worlds;
the Lioness, with her cunning smile
above a mysterious and ebony gaze
She needs no crown and the universe is her throne
and she is as feared as she is admired

Alone and together, the Lioness,
with her kingdom of lions at her back,
loping and great and wonderous-
Tails lashing and pacing back and forth,
they rule with an iron will and steel hides

Together and alone, the Gazelle,
with her enemies at her back,
running and ragged and surviving-
Horns sharp and pacing back and forth,
she runs the rebellion like she has become her own myth

(there has never been true peace in the universe)
I tried a new style of poetry! Yay for narratives! This is a story, I guess, so expect part two sometime in the future. Please let me know if stuff doesn't make sense or needs fixing. Thanks!


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