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This is the third chapter of one of my project's (obviously). Feel free to tell what you think of it. :)

The Darkness: Chapter 3

February 25, 2018


    BANG! Carter jerked up right in the bed. His leg jerked at the movement, causing him to suck in a sharp breath. Three men entered the room. One of them strode over to Carter, yanked him off the cot, and pushed him through the door. Carter quickly took in his surroundings as they led him through the broken down building. Afghan men wandered around. Carter noticed that many of them had young teenage boys with them. His eyes caught with one of the young boys. Terror filled the boy’s eyes. They held a plea that he cast in Carter’s direction. ‘Help me!’  Carter’s heart went out to the boy, but he wasn’t even sure if he could help himself. Their eye contact broke as an older man jostled the boy’s elbow and nodded toward Carter’s group. The three men headed out in a beeline for the men holding Carter’s arm. The boy followed reluctantly. Carter’s shoulders tensed as a sick feeling entered his stomach. It did not seem things were going to go well. The men spouted words off at each other in their tongue twisting language. Carter watched the boy as the men talked. He looked up at the American. His lips parted in an attempt to speak, but was cut off quickly by yanking Carter to the wall. They tied him to a bolt in the wall, and moved away slightly to speak. The boy followed, and stood near Carter. He looked away from him and started whispering.
     “You are the American?”
Carter, not wanting to hurt the poor kid with his sarcasm, whispered back a simple, “Yes.”
     “Can you get me out of here? My father has forced me to come, to prove that I am a man.”
Carter grit his teeth. His anger at the men increasing.
     “Kid, I would do anything I could to get you out of here, but I’m kind of stuck as well.”
The young kid stayed turned away, but his shoulders slumped, and his head lowered. Carter sighed.
      “What’s your name, kid?”
      “I do not have one. My father killed my mother in anger after I was born, and he never gave me a name. He always called me ‘boy’. I do not believe I would like a name though.”
Pain, and compassion filled Carter’s chest.
      “Okay….. Okay. So kid, do you know how old you are?”
      “Um….. 17?”
Carter growled, glanced over at his escort, then back to the boy.
     “How is your father going to make you prove that you are a man?”
Kid, as Carter had dubbed him, shrugged his shoulders.
     “I do not know. Most likely kill someone. You never know with him.”
As they two had talked, Carter was struggling against the ropes that bound his hands together. They didn’t move.
      “Kid, ask to be part of the escort.”
The Kid recoiled.
   “If I’m going to try and get you out, then I need you near me. All the time. So, if we want to reduce suspicion, you need to get away from me know. I’ll try to whisper to you when needed, but no more talking. We need to lay low for a while.”
Kid nodded, and joined the others. He still looked a little scared, but his face showed slight determination. His father glanced at him. His eyebrows drew together, but then relaxed and he joined the conversation once more. Carter relaxed against the wall, and shifted his weight onto one leg, so his wounded leg could rest.
  A yell came from across the building. The men quickly turned to it. The biggest man Carter had ever seen was striding across the concrete floor. His arms rippled with muscles the size of tree trunks. He strode up to the man who had dragged Carter out of bed, and slapped him in the face. Blood poured from his mouth. He quickly dubbed those two also. Big Man, and Little Man. Carter chuckled silently. Little Man wasn’t doing so great. The yelling continued until Big Man jerked a thumb over his shoulder toward a door. He barked a finishing word, then headed back in the direction he came from. Little Man and Big Nose (as Carter named his second escort) grabbed Carter’s arms again and followed Big Man. Kid spoke softly to his father, then followed the group. He quickly caught up and spoke to Big Nose. Carter caught the question in his voice, and watched from the corner of his eye as Big Nose grunted in assent. Kid followed close behind silently. They strode through the big door and into a well-lit room. Rhaddish rose from his chair behind a desk. Carter grit his teeth. ‘Not again.’ Rhaddish smiled.
   “Carter. How good to see you again.”
Carter, with much satisfaction, noticed the purple bruises on the man’s throat and the fingerprints on the sides of his neck. Rhaddish saw his slight smirk and his own smile faded.
   “Yes. You’re mistake yesterday left undesirable results.”
Carter snorted.
    “I quite desired it. Well, I actually desired more than that, but it’s still a little satisfying, considering what you’ve done to me.”
Rhaddish gazed at him for a moment, then spoke softly.
   “If I were you, I would be very careful with what you say.”
Another snort slipped from Carter’s lips.
   “What else can you do to me? Torture me? I can still say and think what I want.”
Rhaddish raised an eyebrow.
   “You might think that, but will he?”
He pulled back a curtain hanging in a smaller doorway. Carter’s breath stuck in his throat.
The sight made his stomach flip. He almost vomited on his guards. Nathan was strapped to a chair. His head touched his chest. Blood dripped off his head. His face was covered in bruises and cuts. His left arm was a bloody, mangled mess.
   Rhaddish circled Nathan like a vulture, considering as if deciding whether he wanted to waste his time with him or not.
    “Your friend has not been very helpful. He has been sleeping for a while. Perhaps we should wake him up.”
He took a stick that was offered to him, and prodded Nathan’s injured shoulder with it. Nathan’s head jerked up as he screamed. His eyes stayed closed with his eyebrows drawn together. Carter’s stomach flipped again. Rhaddish poked him again. Carter swallowed.
His voice came out raw and cracked. Rhaddish paused and turned to him. Fire filled his eyes
     “Just remember, the longer you wait to give us the information you want, the more we torture him, with you sitting in front of him, strapped in. Not able to do anything, but listen to your friend scream, and know that his pain is because of you. It’s all your fault.”  
‘All your fault….. all your fault…… all your fault…….’ The words haunted Carter as the men pulled him back to his room and threw him on the cot. He didn’t even noticed the door being slammed closed. He felt lost. Once again, he tried crying out to God.
        ‘God, what do I do?’


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  • Victoria Penning

    Thanks. Yeah, that's the one part I didn't really like, but I am going to have Carter give him a name soon. Yup! :D I'll work on editing today and make that better. :)
    Thanks. :)

    about 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Good cliff-hanger at the end.
    One note: I don't think Carter would call that boy 'kid' as much as he did. (Which was only two times, but still). It doesn't seem to quite fit his personality. And another thing, could you please describe the actions a little better? There's almost too much left up to the imagination. I do realize that sometimes putting in a bunch of verbs can be "boring", but it really isn't. It adds action and relatability.
    Great job! :D

    about 2 years ago