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I would write a bio but I think I'm gonna just let my writing do the talking for me

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Rule #1 : Write For Yourself

Rule #2: Follow Rule #1

Rule #3: Figure Out Who You Are

Rule #4: Find People Who Are Like You And Appreciate You For Who You Are

Rule #5: Tell Those People You Love Them (Do It Cause Believe It Or Not, With 7.4 Billion People In The World, I've Only Met Five People Who Are Like This. So Cherish Them)

Rule #6: Be positive (Why? You'll see..)

Rule #7: ...Ehhhh ran out of rules, just remember to write ALOT

Crashing Waves

February 28, 2018


Scarlet, Willow, Phoebe are all crossed out 

Only Quincy remains with a repeatedly shattered heart. 

He feels nothing, only the cool breeze from the ocean.

Looking out he can see the waves rippling and crashing.

They remind him of the ones he had loved.

He hears the sound of their voices and can feel their presence close by

They can't all be together in one place 

that was the cause to their demise. 



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