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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Ten

February 28, 2018


The Swordsman on the ground heard something on the the Zeppelin intercom.

”Attention Swordsman!” The voice said,”I am Captain Tanner, the head of this airship! You’ll never beat us!”

”...He knows you won’t hear us, right?” Mustachioed asked.

”That’s not really the point, dear,” Painter said.

“We’re just gonna demolish the building, nothing to worry about!” Tanner said.

”Can I say something?” A woman said.

”What? No!” Tanner said,”I’m the commander here!”

The woman muttered. ”I’ll...get you dinner when we ge back...” Tanner said,”And...I’ll pay.”

”...Okay, that was a thing,” Toby said,”So, what do?”

All the Swordsman thought about it. Then Mustachioed yelled,”I got it!”

Painter sighed,”Dear, we’re not talking about...”

”No, not that...” Mustachioed then grabbed his sword, and threw it at the Zeppelin. Suprsingly, it hit something.

Tanner’s voice came in the intercom,”You gave Lieutenant Armstrong a haircut. Now I don’t have to pay!” The woman from earlier yelled something at Tanner. 

“That yielded an unintentional result!” Mustachioed yelled.

”...Your husbands an idiot you know...” A Swordsman called Sweet Tooth Swordsman said to Painter.

“Yes...but he’s my favorite idiot,” Painter said.

”Well, if your done with that...” Explosion said,”I got an idea.” He pointed at Cowardly,”And it involves you.”
Chapter Ten? I haven’t got anything that far in a while!

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