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I repeatedly read Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Laura Ingalls, or Anne of Green Gables. When I'm not reading, I’m writing, grudgingly doing some homework, singing, playing the piano, or my flute.

Chapter Eight: I Learned Three Things

February 25, 2018


Lessons on Fashion DON'TS
  Since Mabelle has confessed her crush on Nick, I've seen just how giggly and blushing she is around him, or whenever his name is mentioned. One day, a few weeks after the sleepover at Mabelle's house, I have just stepped into homeroom class, and Mabelle, giggling crazily, comes scurrying in, Marlee at her side. Mabelle waves me into the crowded hallway, and whispers into my ear, "guess what? Guess what?" I know the signs by now. Whatever Mabelle is about to tell me, I know it has something to do with, ugh!- Nick. I despise that guy. He is always asking me in computer class if we can be friends, with his stupid puppy-dog eyes. I just ignore him. But, no matter how much I can't stand that guy, I don't let it interfere with how I feel about Mabelle. She is so nice to me, and we've gone to the mall a few times, and I've been to her house four or five times since the first sleepover. 

  "Why don't you invite your friend to our house sometime?" Beckett asked me the other day. "You are always at HER house all of the time, theses days!" 

  How do I tell my brother how embarrassed I am of our untidy apartment, of my absent-minded mother who just lays in her bed, or watches TV. Mom's sister, my aunt Mandy, came over the other day to drop off some stuff, and she seemed shocked by Mom's condition. She went into Mom's room, and through the shut door, I heard her saying, "Tessa, I know it's been hard, but don't you think it's about time to get back on your feet?" I have to agree with Aunt Mandy; it IS time for Mom to get off the bench, to get back in the game. I mean, I know she is sad about Dad- I am, too. But isn't it kind of hypocritical for Mom to tell me and Beckett that we had to go to school, that it was time, but I don't see HER doing any such thing! 

  Things at home are kind of tough, but at school, at least I have Mabelle! A few kids from her friend-chain are pretty friendly, too. I'm lucky to have been taken in. 

  "Guess what?" Mabelle asks again. 

  "What?" I ask, smothering a sigh. Oh, boy. What Nick-related news does she have this time? "Guess what? Nick looked at me!" I'll bet that's what she'll say. 

  "My birthday is next week!" Mabelle says, instead. I am surprised. Wow, congrats, Mabelle! You managed to keep stupid Nick out of one, whole sentence!! But wait- "... and I'm inviting all of my friends, and NICK! It's going to be a glow-in-the-dark party," Mabelle continues. "And we are going to dance all night!! And maybe NICK will ask me to dance!!!" 

  "Yeah..." I say, managing not to grimace. "That'll be fun..." 

  "And of course we'll have to go shopping to get the perfect outfits," Mabelle says matter-of-factly.

  Marlee, who isn't a big on dressing up, I've learned, makes a gagging motion to me, when Mabelle isn't looking, and I can't help but laugh out loud. 

  We go shopping on Saturday afternoon, and I learn three "fashion no-no's".

1. You can't wear soft, pretty colors to a glow-in-the-dark party. Apparently, it just doesn't work. So, the mint-green dress I picked out is a DON'T. 
2. You don't want to be overly dressy to such a party either, so even though the bright blue dress I picked out is the right color, it is apparently too fancy for Mabelle's party. 
3. Finally, no matter how casual and neon the dress is, you can't wear it, if it's yellow. So out goes the yellow dress, too.

  "Why don't you just pick out my dress for me?" I sigh in exasperation. Shopping with Mabelle has proven to be even more difficult than shopping with Mom! Luckily, Mabelle has better fashion sense than my mother; she picks out a flowing, knee-length dress that has short sleeves, and is neon green. A little more bold than I like, but I DO want to fit in at Mabelle's party. Mabelle's dress is incredibly short, bright pink, with little rhinestones all over the top, and no sleeves. It is actually super pretty, and Mabelle seems pretty pleased with it. 

  "There, now we are all ready for my birthday!" Mabelle beams.


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