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Feel free to comment away! I hope you guys like this, I've always loved the 'the end of the world' prompts, so I thought I'd try one <3

The Treetigs

February 25, 2018

Journal Entry #1

The Treetigs came after the black oil rain, with swollen trunks and clawed roots. At first, we tried to kill them using only our knives and pruners - but then they started to walk. 

One of them killed my brother, on his 5th birthday while he was out with my da on a scavenge for food. I blame my da, 'course. He shouldn't ever have taken Eden with him -  he frickin' ignored my ma's screeching and crying and ' God dammit Richard you're a useless piece of filth! '

The Treetigs gave birth inside Eden, that's how they killed him. He became another food source as he screamed to his death. My da just ran back home.

I think they're angry - the Treetigs, I mean. They knocked down the radio tower, circled their thick branches around the mast and squeezed until it was nothing but a metal pulp. My ma doesn't know why they'd be angry, but I do. We killed them. Back when they were inanimate and helpless and made up our forests; we killed them. Ripped and tugged, never enough until they couldn't be replaced. This is revenge.

I look out the window, one hand on my growling stomach. The Treetigs latch themselves onto the buildings outside, and they don't let go. Ever. One contorts its trunk over to smash through houses with a root. They want to eradicate the humans like we murdered their young - and I can't say I blame them.

My room is plundered into darkness as one of them looms outside the window, and I scramble underneath my bed, heart racing. Not me, please God. Glass shatters, a wriggling branch enters.

The world is not ending with a bang, but one scream at a time.

- Evie


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