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Life in a Nutshell

By: Suri Purefoy


It’s a joyful stage
It’s a dreadful cage
It’s a blank page
And a solemn gage

A terrible curse
An empty universe

It’s a wonderful time
It’s a shameless crime
It’s a high climb
But a sublime lifetime

A glorious kiss
A wistful wish

It’s a happy trance
It’s a gleeful dance
It’s a chance
It only takes a second glance

Message to Readers

Thanks for reading!

Peer Review

"It only takes a second glance" It reminds me of all the little moments I've had in life - that moment you stare into someone else's eyes, and realise that they've lived an interesting life too. In fact, there's a word, sonder, that speaks of 'the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own' and this reminded me exactly of that. It's potentially a moment of love and connection. (I'm a sucker for these xD)

Acknowledgement for the paradoxical truths, excitement for what life might bring, wonder for how life can be so diverse

Was there a particular event that sparked the inspiration for this piece? I'd also like to ask why you find life an "empty universe" - that's an oxymoron, since a universe is so vast and supposedly filled with wondrous things. It's certainly a curious way of putting it!

Reviewer Comments

I know you aren't looking for reviews per se, but I felt that I had to share my thoughts on this, and "gage" was nagging in my mind, hope you don't mind!

I really liked this piece, it's poetic, paradoxical and straight up my alley ;-)

I'd also like to thank you for the uplifting review you left on my piece, Censored, it made my day so I hope this makes yours as well! I think you have lots of potential, and interesting insights that would be a pity if not shared.

Keep writing, and all the best! :-)

- Xin Yi