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perpetual state of confusion
probably procrastinating
nothing is real
have a good day

Message to Readers

first of all, rha, ur amazing and i apologise for the title it is cringey
second of all, everyone else, skyrim not the videogame (we've never played it), but, uh, the imaginary world me and encapsulated_emotions created in year 7
anyway have a great day everyone

And I can't even remember how I got to know you like this

March 16, 2021

we share sighs and smiles and sporadic bursts of laughter and long random conversations and biscuits and hash browns and strange memories and poems and life updates and books and lessons and spotify and smiles and sighs 


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  • encapsulated_emotions

    we are bestie goals. if you don't share a spotify it was never even real. if you don't owe her a school lunch, don't talk to her. if you don't send her life updates and hundreds of voice notes, are you really ok?!

    6 months ago
  • encapsulated_emotions

    *cba to google then copy and paste symbol* HASHTAGSKYRIMSISTERS4LIFE

    6 months ago
  • encapsulated_emotions

    i love the title it is perfect
    p.s. omg u forgot sighs hahahahahah wait u didn't ok we are not normal ILY BRO (i hope our future employers don't see this,,)

    6 months ago
  • encapsulated_emotions

    omg OHKAY when did u write this and NOT TELL ME tbh it is nice that u didn't it's love and radiance was shadowed by time and internet cyber fibres but at last i have stumbled upon this beautiful treasure and my heart says THANK YOU

    6 months ago