Ios Vitae

United States

J'ai 18 ans. I like to express what I feel in writings and poems. I do this as a hobby and as a way to relieve stress or just to have fun. To me writing usually calms me down. It gets me into a stable mood and give me a sense of satisfaction.

Message from Writer

Writing is something magical. You fabricate a whole universe with just letters. I hope to share my universes with you all.

Untamed Sea

March 12, 2018


The gushing wind slaps my face full force
The splash of the angry waves resonating in my body
Standing, tipping at the edge of the cliff
The stormy clouds above rumble till the heavens moan
The ever rising tide of the furious sea
drowns everything below in its body
Whirling mockingly, in a crude pirouette.
The mother is angry, outraged
The on coming sound of the storm,
Is but a lullaby to my tired mind
Spears of lightning fall from grace
As if heaven itself is drowned in an overwhelming fury.
The frail grass beneath me shakes in fright
The dirt which I stand on start to crumble.
No one can stop her in her attack
She takes me too into her cold womb
In a phantasm of rebirth

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