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Cowardly Swordsman: Chapter Nine

February 23, 2018


The Zeppelin whirred in the air. The main reason Mustachioed thought it was attacking was because an intercom somewhere on the Zeppelin kept saying,’To the Grandmaster Building!’. Of course, I could’ve been a friendly visit, if it weren’t for the fact a giant cannon was on the bottom of the Zeppelin. This was a military operation, just no one knew whose military it was.

”It’s a large eyesore, is it not?” A Swordsman called Fashionista Swordsman said.

”Pretty large cannon, huh?” A Swordsman called Explosion Swordsman said,”Wonder what it fires?”

”Something bad, probably!” Mustachioed yelled.

”Now, let’s think,” The Psychologist Swordsman said,”Who would be atttacking us?”

”Uh...that’s a long list,” Grandmaster Toby said,”We’ve miffed a lot of people.”

”Let’s not focus on why they’re attacking us,” Painter said,”Instead, let’s focus on how to stop them.”

Meanwhile, on the Zeppelin, the two commanders were having an arguement.

”Why do you get to pilot again?!” One of them said.

”Because I’m a Captain,” The Lieutenant said,”You’re just a Lieutenant.”

”Well, I need the experience!” The Lieutenant whined.

”Come on, you’re like a child!”

”You don’t want me flying because I’m a girl, don’t you?!”

The Captain was taken aback. “No,” He said,”You just don’t have a lisence to fly this.”

”Sir!” A crewman said,”A Group has gathered in the ground!”

”What?” The Captain yelled,”You did they see through our stealthy tatics?”

”I don’t know, I’m not flying...” The Liuetenmuttered.



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