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Museum: Chapter One

February 22, 2018


Testing...testing...please stand by.

Test complete: dialing OPERATOR....dialing.

Ringing...ringing...please stand by. 


“Hello, Sir!” A crinkly voice says,”Or Madam, or whatever you identify as! Welcome to the Muesuem of Wonder! Yes, indeed, it is haunted!”

You look around and see no evidence of this.

”You'll see what I mean later,” The voice continues,”Now, you are the janitor/security guard/handyman here, you have a lot of responsibilities! Unfortunately, I can not be there, but you can call me at this number at any point of the day.”

You realize this man must be the museum curator.

”Oh ho ho ho! Now, let me show you around the building!” The curator says.

”How?” You ask.

”We’ll figure out a way!” The curator says, sipping something,”Now if you go to the right, if you please.l


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