Hayden Bailey

United States

The Blue Demon

February 22, 2018

    Once upon a time there was a monster. This monster was named The Blue Demon. He lived in the Atlantic ocean. He never wanted to hurt someone, but that is just what he did. This is his story about what he did.
    Hi! I’m The Blue Demon. I am a blue monster who stands over eight feet tall. I have never hurt someone until this past week. I was always quiet and no one even knew I existed. That is until a boy named Greg was driving a boat and hit my head. I didn’t know how to react, so I did something I had never done before. I picked Greg’s boat up (with him in it) and threw it as far as I could. I went over to Greg who was holding on for dear life. I told him I was sorry and that I didn’t mean to hurt him. I told him that i would make sure he was sent home and had a big grand funeral. After that I made sure that he had a proper burial.
    After this horrible thing I did, people always said rude and hateful things about me.I know that what I did was bad, but everyone deserves to be forgiven. I guess, since I killed a dude, I deserve a bad name. This is where my name  The Blue Demon comes from.


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1 Comment
  • CreativeAngel

    Oh wow! Poor Blue Demon. Hope Greg and Blue Demon both have good lives and afterlives. <3

    almost 3 years ago