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Your quirks are not your weakness. Your quirks are your showcases of how strong you are to be able to reject the status quo. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


February 22, 2018

   Everyone has heard of demons: the mischievous minions of Satan that torture the souls of the damned and create a ruckus up in the living world. Though, of course, they are only imaginary, only present in different religions and stories to keep kids from being bad. But there are demons that lurk deep inside us, consuming us in the very depths of our soul.
   Some are able to overcome them and live their lives to the fullest, but some become so twisted and damaged they lose their minds. You have probably heard of them too, things like depression, greed, anxiety, and envy. Society has written off these as just medical conditions or temporary lapses of judgement that should not be concerning. They have no idea what they are talking about.
   These conditions, these demons, take on a person’s worst nightmare or a person’s greatest desire and manipulate them into succumbing to the darkness and losing who they were. The majority of the world’s deaths and human-caused catastrophes were actually caused by these incognito demons, and everyone is failing to see that.
   Everyone will probably continue to ignore these demons, hoping for a life of bliss and ignorance, but that will not be the case. For some the demons don’t come hunting for them until they have grown older, while others are hunted down as mere toddlers and babes. But no matter what, these demons come to hunt you down, and they will put you in chokehold, and you most likely will fall to their desires and lose the fight for your life against these beings whose jobs are only too easy due to the ignorance that is taught around the globe.


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