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I'm 16 years old and I got inspired to write by one of my friends. My first story is The Accidental Encounter and I am thinking about starting another one.

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I'm not a perfect writer and I will have mistakes and just remember I am just starting out. I usually publish on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Accidental Encounter

February 22, 2018


I walk over to my friends and the first thing I do is go over to Brandon who was the one who punched the guy. I walk over to him and touch his bruised eye that has now started to swell. “Why did you punch him?” I asked. In response, he said, “Whatever he did to you I could tell that it hurts you everytime you see him.” “It's my problem let me take care of it I don't want my friends to get hurt.” One of my friends in the background says, “Too late for that.” I give her a death stare and focus my attention back on Brandon. “But seriously why did you punch him, you know out of all people that I can handle myself. So why did you do it?” He puts his head down in shame and he whispers, “I don't know.” “That's bull and you know it,” I said. He completely ignores me and I start to make my way towards the front of the car where my other friends are. When all of a sudden he says, “Wait !” I didn't know if I should turn back around so I hesitated a little before I could turn around. He says, “The reason I hit him was that…” Because of what?” I said finally turning around to face him. “I hit him because I care about you and not in the way you feel about me. I was speechless and I could feel my cheeks heating up and I went to speak but nothing came out. For once in my life, I was actually speechless. Brandon and I have been friends since seventh grade and we were in our sophomore year. I never expected this to happen. When did these feelings develop and why did they happen? I wanted to ask him but I couldn't. I was staring off into space when I heard my name. In response, I said “What?” When I finally focused back into the real world Brandon he was waiting for me to respond and I didn't know what to say. “Brandon, I like you just as friends. Let me walk you home to clean your face.” His black eye was swollen almost shut and I guess the guy had cut his face because there was blood on his face. Brandon said, “No, it's fine I can take care of myself.” In reply, I said, “I insist.” After I said that I grabbed the keys from his hand and tossed it to the group in front of the car and I took Brandon by the hand and we started our walk home.  


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  • CreativeAngel

    wow, unexpected and good story <3

    almost 3 years ago