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The first SUCCESSFUL story I ever wrote! I love this story, as it marked a new era of hobbies for me to do in my free time!

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-Glytch Montoya


February 21, 2018


    Yes, guys. I dug through my shelves until I found my second-grade writing notebook, and copied down an entire story from it. I put in small comments here and there, in parentheses and italics. Here it is:

    Antonio was the son of an ant leader. His father, Antony Tiberius Pomiodorios, was the leader of the army fighting against the grasshoppers. But, Antonio did not want to fight. All he wanted to do was be a horsefly racer. 
    One night, Antonio flew his grasshopper way too far away from his hill. Suddenly, he saw a strange shape flying toward him. Only at the last second, did he realize that it was a grasshopper spear. He dodged the spear, but his horsefly went berserk. It bucked him off, sending him flying through the woods. He landed in a small pile of leaves, very far from his hill.
    Antonio was knocked out of the fall. He woke up next morning, the sun shining on his face. Staring at him, was an old beetle. "Hello, sonny boy!" The beetle said. 
    It took him inside his home and listened to Antonio's story. When Antonio was done, he was given a small loaf of bread, and a small twig, shaped like a wooden sword. Antonio set off on his journey, looking for his hill. 
    Along his way, he met two more ants. One was named Maggie(Which I thought was a good name at the time) and Anty McBob(My friend Kamerin helped me write the original.) Both were hungry and were kicked out of their hill. They were framed for helping the grasshoppers. Along the way, they made loads of new friends, including ______(My teachers name at the time. I bleeped it out so that you guys couldn't track me down and kill me) and her 31 bees (I shortened this up. It originally said all 31 kid's names in my class at the time!)! They gave her directions to Antonio's hill.
    On their way there, they saw a giant shadow. "BIRD!" Antonio yelled. The quickly took cover. A blue jay flew over them, heading in the same direction they were. "Follow that bird!" Antonio yelled. They ran after it. 
    They arrived in a small clearing, where Antonio's hill was. He saw the blue jay circling the hill, and suddenly, it plummeted down after it. The many Ant Archer's arrows were no match for such a big beast. They needed to get up close. 
    "Hey! You big chicken!" Antonio yelled. The bird looked at him. It flew straight at him. At the last second, Antonio swung his sword, and Anty threw his bread. Both hit the bird right on the side of the face. It crashed to the ground. A grasshopper that was piloting the bird flew off. He was sent to prison.
    "Yay! Antonio is back!" Everyone cheered. They lifted the trio onto their arms and marched around, celebrating. Antonio was alive and safe!

    Wow, it feels so good to rewrite that. Maybe I will include a picture of the notebook that I wrote it in... yeah, that would be cool. Do any of us know a children's picture book writer? Maybe he'll publish this. Anyway, hope you enjoyed a smidget of me as a second grader. 


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  • s a m

    Thanks, RainAndSonder. Also, technically Antonio(or Anthony) is still my friend today!

    almost 3 years ago
  • rainandsonder

    No, sorry, don't know any children's publishers. This is really funny and entertaining!

    almost 3 years ago
  • s a m

    Antonio was one of my friends in second and third grade!

    almost 3 years ago
  • Kahasai

    Hah. That's reasonable. Though I'm pretty sure all animals go by the saying, "Fat and successful." But I get what you mean.

    Was Antonio named after someone you know? Everyone else in your piece was.

    almost 3 years ago
  • s a m

    I think my younger self was trying to insult the blue jay, saying that it was fat...

    almost 3 years ago
  • Kahasai

    What a cute story. But I think your younger self didn't know how big a chicken is. Blue Jays are quite a few sizes smaller than a chicken. ;)

    Good story!

    almost 3 years ago
  • CreativeAngel


    almost 3 years ago