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The Technical Guide to Being a Samurai: Chapter One (Part Three)

February 20, 2018


Chapter One: Becoming a Samurai (Part Three)

 Once your master has been sufficiently murdered, you must avenge him. Yes, you, the reader. No else has the time or the patience. Note: you don’t have to do so if you killed your master.

Now, you are going to need help. The group you need is yourself, an arrogant person, the token girl, a person that just comes along, and a person that wants to redeem himself. You will probably never see them after your done with the avenging, except in passing. 

Here are the steps for avenging you master.

1. Send someone to find out you killed your master. They will always come back with the everlasting crap beat out of them. They will say who killed your master, then they will die. You will always be shocked about who the murderer’s identity is, no matter how obvious it seems.

2. Go to the murderer’s hideout. Don’t worry, once you see it, you’ll know where it is.

3. Go in all guns blazing, killing half the guards.

4. (Optional) The person that wants to redeem himself gets killed by the murderer.

5. The murderer monologues. Note: NEVER KILL HIM WHILE HE IS DOING SO. He will let you know when he is ready to fight.

6. (Optional) Yell, ‘You killed my master!’

7. Kill the murderer. Never capture him, and bring him to the authorities.

8. Part ways with your group.

With your master avenged, you’re ready for the final step to becoming a Samurai.



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