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September 2, 2014

PROMPT: This I Believe


War is caused by the hatred brewed in the younger generations. People are taught from day one to follow the crowd and abide by your peers. No matter what an adult says to try and stop it, it is still inevitable. It's our nature. We just want to feel accepted. This causes the split between nations. This is how it all starts. It doesn't have to exist, yet many people refuse to listen to the word: compromise.

But what if we could change it all? What if we could just start over? War doesn't have to be a thing where you just occasionally hear updates on your local television station. It doesn't have to be there. It just starts with a first step towards the right direction. It starts with compromise and understanding. If we could step back and understand it from the other side, then maybe this wouldn't have to happen. Maybe we could make an end to the hatred and violence towards each other.

Now I'm not saying people will never dislike someone else. It's human nature to like and dislike something, but maybe we won't have to hear about a soldier coming back home in a casket for his family to put him to rest. We as a world are given one place to live and if we can't share it and work together to let it thrive, then we don't deserve it.

We can put an end to this just by saying, "It doesn't have to be this way. We can make a difference."


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