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Well, hello there. I am an artist, photographer, and I guess a writer. Recently got back and I'm hoping to write more

The Monsters You Make

March 12, 2018

`        Is your monster your own flesh and blood?
Hello, my name is Kevin. I'm a 13-year old boy and I have been scared of myself for years now. Not spastically myself, but the monster that lives inside me. His name is Alex. My mother told me that I consumed him in the womb, but how does that explain the voices I hear? It's not all that bad when I get lonely he talks to me, but when he talks to me too much... It gets out of hand. "Mom! Dad! Sis is hurt!" I screamed when I found my sister on our stairs with a pool of blood to comfort her you pushed her! She deserved it. She was taken to the hospital, but it was too late. Alex pushed her... Dad and mom were screaming at each other, dad tried leaving and I stabbed him. One night I went down for a glass of milk and I saw dad packing his things. I asked him where he was going. "Away," he told me. I begged and pled him not to go, but he wouldn't listen. Then everything went black and I couldn't control my actions. When everything turned normal I saw him on the kitchen floor in a heap of blood. I looked down and saw a bloody knife in my hands. I hurried and stuffed his body in the freezer in the basement, locked the door and threw away the key good thinking stuffing his body in the freezer. I gathered all of his stuff and threw it off the cliff, then cleaned all of the blood and the knife.  I did it! You don't understand I can't control it! I don't know how... How do you control a monster that is apart of you? 


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  • CreativeAngel

    Omg. That's the type of stories i love. Scary and suspense building. Murder one by one Muahahaha. I'm not an evil psychopath.

    about 4 years ago
  • f l o r a

    I can sense a little bit of a Exorcist and Sweeney Todd vibe from this piece.
    I liked it a lot, and if you were to make this a complete series, I would definitely read it!
    Who doesn’t like a bit of gore from time to time, am I right?

    about 4 years ago