A Breath Into Silence

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February 19, 2018

Listen closely. There once was a girl with no past, and she turned into a monster. Nobody knows how, but there are rumors - they whisper of a man with coal eyes and a smile of ice and daggers.

They say she lost herself on the night of the Red Dawn. Wouldn’t be surprising if that's true. If that was the moment when she turned from human to monster.

Do you know where she is? No? I can tell you. She hides in the shadows, the floors, the walls. She might be listening right now.

Be careful what you do, or she might come for you, too.


It’s been a thousand years - a day. No - it’s been a moment between breaths, one where a microcosmic universe is created and destroyed. Yet, at the same time, it has been forever. Because it isn’t possible for such a moment to be so small. It shouldn’t be so easy.

She’ll never become used to that.

The stone beneath her feet is red, and it sings-screams-whispers to her of cunning promises that will never be kept, of things she doesn’t want to hear, of things she knows.

Monster, monster,… No way to go home…. No way to be free
Look at you, what you have done. You’re a monster, monster, monster.

And it croons to her- Come child, become dust and ash, a final battle cry on the lips of those who have lost but refuse to die. Become the stars in the sky, and burst apart in a supernova of your own creation.

But she turns away, closes her ears, pretends not to be what she knows she is. And beneath her, the stone croons a final lullaby- You will always be mine, should you simply step away.


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  • Gabriel Goodwin

    I love this! You write so well, like how do you even 'write' like that?! Great work!

    about 2 years ago
  • mossmachinery

    what is this life this is wonderful ,masterful, absolutely brilliant. i really really love this, you can execute the elegance and cunningness of the stone with such skill it's almost subtle. i especially love the "she pretends not to be what she knows she is" ITS JUST AMAZING. i tried to do something along these lines once, and it was so hard to carry it out, but you've done it just brilliantly.

    about 2 years ago
  • paperbird


    about 2 years ago