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February 19, 2018

Sometimes the monsters are us. 

A thought of something you'd 'never do'. A flash of rage that's gone in an instant. A word thrown at a friend in a moment of anger. 
Have you felt it? I know you have. That's your monster. They don't come out often for most of us. Only in our worst times. When we don't control them. They control us. 
But some let their monsters out too often. They hurt for enjoyment. They're happy making others feel pain. 
Have you met a monster? Caught a glimpse of someone's worst side? Who's the worst monster you've met? Is it you?
Stand in the mirror. Look into your own eyes. See you. Then see the monster. 
See it? The hint of all the bad in you summed up into one horrible creature. 
Keep your monster contained. Hold it on a tight leash, so tight it could never escape. Because one day, while you're distracted feeling the exact sort of rage that gives your monster strength, it could turn. Putting you on the leash you tried to keep it on. 
Fight it. Give in to the goodness of you, and keep the monster at bay. Make yourself the best version you can be, to hide the monster so deep you'll forget it's there. 

Don't feed your monster. 


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