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I repeatedly read Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Laura Ingalls, or Anne of Green Gables. When I'm not reading, I’m writing, grudgingly doing some homework, singing, playing the piano, or my flute.

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Once upon a time, I was part of a group like the one Melanie has found herself in. We'll see if she fits in or not, soon!

Chapter Three: I learned Three Things

February 19, 2018


Lessons on Mabelle's Group

  Raina walked me to my computer class, and picked me up after forty uneventful minutes to bring me to Mr. Lara's class, for science.

  Wow, this guy likes science! Planets hanging from the ceiling, microscopes on every table, walls smothered with posters, a wire cage on Mr. Lara's desk, with an obese gerbil sitting inside, watching eighth graders come in. Mr. Lara is pretty chill; he set me up with a science group and told them to make sure that I was included in the project. Then I was checked off of his To-Do list, and sent off. 

  At first, no one in my group said anything. They just kind of looked at each other, like, 'great. We get the new kid.' Raina didn't say anything, either. The whole reason Mr. Lara put me in this group is because Raina is in it, because for whatever reason, ALL of the teachers adore Raina, even though she doesn't return the attitude. I studied my group members as they pulled out laptops and science journals.

   The girl sitting across from me has silky black hair, like she puts a LOT of conditioner in it when she takes a shower, and has bangs covering her eyes. She goes right to work, nimbly typing things into her computer and taking notes. She has really small, pretty handwriting.

  To my left, there is a less motivated girl, who is taking her time logging in, and now she is just messing around with the wallpaper on her computer. She has long, blonde hair that looks like it hasn't been cut in a while, and her face has a lot of acne. 

  Raina sits on the right side of me, and she hasn't bothered to take out her things at all. She is just sitting there. She catches me looking at her, and she asks, all annoyed, "what?" 

  My face reddens. "Uh... do I need, like, a computer, or anything?" 

  "You can get one from the library," the pretty Asian girl sitting across from me says helpfully. 

  Mr. Lara, who is walking around the classroom, happens to overhear this exchange, and asks Raina to take me to the library to get one. Raina looked so pained that I lie and tell Mr. Lara that I already knew where it was, and head out on my own. 

  I walk aimlessly around outside the eighth grade building for a minute. Wow, it is cold. I thrust my chilly hands into my pocket, and my left hand feels something odd in my pocket. I pull it out. It's my schedule, with the school campus map printed on the back. Oh, there is the library. I get my computer, head back to science.

  The Asian girl, whose name is apparently Vivi, sets me to work on designing a slide-show for our water-cycle presentation. She is gathering the information, I will put it together. Now, I'm no slacker like Raina, or Miss Pimple over here, but I definitely don't pull the weight of the whole group, like poor Vivi is having to do. I just pull my own, and I'm happy to do it. 

  We have history class next, and then lunch. Raina walks me to the lunchroom, and then leaves me. Oh, boy. The cafeteria at a new school is like walking through a minefield. You don't know where it's safe to go. Luckily, this girl with wavy, bleached hair catches sight of me. She introduces herself as Mabelle. "It means 'lovable' in French," she tells me. "I'm from France, and we go back to visit every summer." I like her right away. She is obviously popular, but she doesn't treat people like me as if we are nothing. Mabelle brings me to her lunch table, which is packed with her clique of obviously very cool eighth graders, and tells me everyone's names so fast that I can't remember who is who. 

  ..."This is Andrew, that is Jordyn, that's Vanessa, the girl in the sweater is Marlee..." 

  "Hi," I say shyly. Everyone seems super nice, and they joke about who will have to move to another table to make room for me. "No, there is room for everyone!" Mabelle objects, laughing. "See, I can share with Corey." A boy with pierced ears slides over in his chair to make room for Mabelle. I think it's super weird that the two of them are sharing, but I just smile and accept the seat that Mabelle had left for me. I have to sit SOMEWHERE, after all! Another boy comes over, fresh from the lunch line, carrying a red tray. He throws a milk carton to a girl at the table- the one in the sweater. What was her name again? The guy tosses various parts of his meal to people at the table, and they all laugh wildly and dig in. Everyone is pooling lunches, and laughing and talking.

  Mabelle has her full attention on me. "We both have 'M' names, we sound so good," she chatters. "Mabelle and Melanie! Oh, and Marlee has an 'M' name, too, and Micah! We can be a whole group!" I listen, and smile and laugh. "What class do you have after lunch?" Mabelle asks. She makes a pouty face. "I have gym." 

  "So do I," I say, after checking my schedule. 

  Mabelle beams. "Perfect! We can go together." 

  I agree at once. I like Mabelle, and I appreciate how she has taken me in under her wing.

  Eventually, she turns to talk to Corey and the boy sitting next to them, and I take the opportunity  to take my three notes. 

1. I can remember Corey by his pierced ears.
2. I can remember Marlee by her yellow braces.
3. I can remember Jordyn by her nose piercing.

  The bell rings, and the group scatters. Mabelle drags me off to gym class, while I repeat my notes to myself. If I am going to fit in with this group, it might help if I learn everyone's names after all! 





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