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From the Smoke Comes

October 6, 2018

   Using the storm as a cover, Arielle snuck away despite their forewarnings. It was no surprise that she ended up at the base of the volcano, with an electrified tornado-like cloud surrounded the top. From it, a dark cloud, oddly resembling a person, floated towards Arielle.
    Arielle tried to run, but the scalding hot cloud enveloped her entirely. She let out a piercing scream that could be heard for miles. The smoke infiltrated her body, burning her from the inside out.
    When the cloud retreated, Arielle was left in a hazy daze. She suffered severe burn marks, with red patches dancing on every inch of her body. When her eyes snapped open two luminescent blue eyes were revealed. They darted around, taking in her surroundings. The destroyed skin shed to reveal an intricate maze of glowing magma circulating her body. 
    Suddenly, she barely had time to blink before an arrow whistled past the side of her head. Through the smoke, she spotted Caleb sitting on top of the cliff.
    Why was he shooting at her?
    "Hey, it's me!" she shouted, waving her arms but it was no use.
    Shortly after, he released another arrow, this time striking her thigh. It was poisoned, and another dose of excruciating pain rippled through her body.        
    Almost as a gift from god, the molten rock around her exploded. Curiously touching the lava, Arielle wasn't burned but filled with an unexplainable euphoria and energy. She ripped the arrow from her thigh and cloaked by the shadows, sought out her assailer, stabbing the enflamed arrow between his shoulder blades. Before he could blink, Arielle was gone, a mist of shadows veiling her.
     He fell to his knees, pulling out a small device.
    β€œI was too late,” he said, breathing heavily. β€œIt has returned.”


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